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ගඟ අද්දර – Ganga Addara

Ganga Addara was an initiative of the Club, together with the State Timber Corportaion, to revive the affected river banks in identified locations in Sri Lanka. Under the kind guidance and assistance of Mr. Gamini Alwis, the Deputy Regional Manager of State Timber Corporation – Colombo Region, the Club was able to successfully complete the inaugural phase of the project by planting 50 Kumbuk trees along the river banks of a branch of the Kalu ganga which flows across Galpatha, Horana. The project was led by the President of the Club, Rtr. Chathuranga Gallage.

The 2nd phase of the project, chaired by Rtr. Thilina Weerakkody, was completed in early October in 2016 in Udagama, Padukka. The Club was able to plant 200 plants in the area with the help of the residents in the area. The constant support from Mr. Alwis for the success of the project is noteworthy.


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