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Prelude, the opening act of Rotaract Alumni Mora for the Rotaract year 17/18 was carried out marking the dawn of a new era. It introduced the newest driving hub of the Rotaract Alumni Mora to the Rotaract Family. Photoshoot of Board of Directors was followed up by a Facebook campaign to introduce the upcoming Board of directors with the theme “Together we paint the shades of earth”.  

On 16th of July Board of directors’ Photo-shoot was held at University of Moratuwa Civil Department premises with the enthusiastic participation of the newly appointed members of the board. It was the time for board members to share some fun with photography, posing and of course photo-bombing. As the newly appointed board was gifted with really talented and passionate photographers the project was made easy. Admirable photographers themselves, including Mr. President who bears the collar for this new era, Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon and IT maestro of the club, Director IT, Rtr. Vipula Dissanayake coordinated the photo-shoot.

With the motive of introducing the upcoming board of directors to the other clubs and Rotaractors as well as to appreciate the past Rotaract services of the members of the Board, the Facebook campaign was carried out after the photoshoot. It was continued for 21 days introducing the youthful souls who were to take up oaths to take Rotaract Alumni Mora to greater heights.  Beginning of the Facebook campaign was marked with the introduction of the sergeant at arms Rtr. Waruna Rasanga on 2nd of July, 2017. Prelude concluded in an eager tone on 22nd of July with the introduction of the guiding force for the new era, newly appointed President Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon. It paved the path for the beginning of the 5th Installation ceremony of Rotaract Alumni Mora.

These introductions were dedicated to praise the appointed board members’ worth for the position they were to hold and their enlightening Rotaract journey. But with the support of friendly whispers behind the ears, the BOD introduction was also made an opportunity to reveal the details of these Rotaractors that might not meet the eye on first encounter. Rtr. Tharindu Kumarage, Director PR was the driver behind the BOD introduction campaign in Facebook. Rtr. Dinithi Warnasuriya, the Editor, Rtr. Hiruni Bandara, the Assistant Secretary, Rtr. Kalpanee Jayathilaka, Director PD, and Rtr. Rochelle Silva, Director IS were the strength behind the words.

By Rtr. Hiruni Bandara & Rtr. Tharindu Kumarage

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