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Today we live our lives inside concrete buildings, probably inside a cubical of few square feet, piled with work with tight deadlines to meet. Our busy schedules hardly give us time to realize that with every passing day, trees which once filled our grounds with green, are being chopped to clear land for concrete giants. It is rarely that we remember how different our lives would be if we were surrounded by a peaceful and beautiful environment filled with trees. What is more heartbreaking than this ignorance, is the lack of our effort to revive the beauty of nature which our own actions have destroyed.

Maga Addara’, aka ‘Marathon towards Greenery’ is the initiative of Rotaract Alumni Mora to put an effort to this most seeked revival. This project, which is an on-going project of the club since 2016/17, has to date completed several phases successfully. The latest phase of the project was conducted on the 31st of January 2018 at “Ape Gama” premises. With the contribution of 20 Rotaractors from the Club, Rotaract Alumni Mora was able to plant fifty plants along the walkways in the area. DRR Rtr Anuradha Senanayake, District Club Service Director Rtr Oshadha Abhayasundara and Mr. Gamini Alwis from the Timber Corporation were among those who joined hands with us on that day, as we laboured in our small way to paint the world in shades of green.

After the day’s plan was completed, the sight of the line of Mahogany, Jak, Mee, Nandun and Mango trees that stood along the walking path was a beauty that gave pride to all those who took time off their busy schedules, to plant a tree. It was a reward and a motivation to look forward to the next phase of Mage Addara, the “Marathon towards Greenery”.

By Rtr. Pasan Kandamby

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