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15th TRR Rajan’s Cricket Sixes

Sri Lanka would have been a tiny dot on the world map for some countries if that tiny dot didn’t triumph with glory in the game of cricket. Ever since that triumph, the spirit of cricket has been in the blood veins of every Sri Lankan,irrespective of creed, cast or the culture.

The TRR Rajans cricket carnival is the event that brings out this Sri Lankan trait among us Rotaractors every year. The event hosted annually by the Kandy Rotary club, was inaugurated in 2002, in memory of a beloved Rotarian, late T.R.R. Rajan. Late T.R.R. Rajan was the 51st president of the Rotary club of Kandy and the man who did devout service to the club and the Rotary family as a whole. This year too, the carnival was conducted successfully on the 23rd of September 2017 at the Rugby Grounds in Nittawela, where Rotaractors rallied together warmed up to fight for their Club’s glory in the game of Cricket.

An enthusiastic team from Rotaract Alumni Mora also took part in the 15th TRR Rajans Cricket Sixes with a target set to take the trophy home. There was no doubt that, all the 34 Rotary Clubs and 30 Rotaract Clubs that participated in the event had the same target in mind. Unfortunately, proving the uncertainty of the game, Rotaract Alumni Mora only managed to win the first game, losing the game in the second match.

The tournament was won by the Rotary Club of Aluvihare and the Rotaract Club of Trincomalee. Along with the champions who celebrated victory of the game, the other Rotarians and Rotaractors who participated in the event celebrated the fun and friendship they triumphed, proving that whether you win or lose, cricket in true spirit of friendship is always fun.

By Rtr. Chamara Herath

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