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One of the most awaited events in any club calendar, is the annual club trip. The destination for the club trip of Rotaract Alumni Mora for the year 2017/18, was the Hirikatu Oya campsite, a promising place for our fun-loving and adventurous club members.

After many days of planning and preparations initiated by Rtr. Lovindu and Rtr. Pathum, an excited bunch of Alumni Mora Rotaractors, headed off to their camping destination early morning on the 30th of September 2017. The first excitement of the two day itinerary was the walk to the breathtaking Pahanthudawa Ella while exploring the area and having fun with each other. Every moment that passed was filled with roars of laughter and clicks of photos, and it seemed as if the clocked clicked too fast that day.

Nevertheless, we were able to reach Hirikatu Oya before the skies were dark, and as soon as we arrived to the campsite, the first task on the wish-list of campers was to take a dip in the ice cold water. As everyone stepped into the water one after the other, laughters escalated, and before long, the cameras were out to capture the fun in the water. Creating celebrities for the day is a “custom” that is never missed by Alumni Mora Rotaractors whenever they flock together (fun fact revealed! 😉 ) The photoshoot in ice cold water was the time that shed spot lights on  new celebrities for the day, while those crowned during previous occasions strived to hold onto their flare with their authority.

The fun in the water had to be concluded after some time, for the General Meeting that was planned for that evening, and amidst whines, Rtr. Himantha called everyone to gather for the meeting. Once the formalities of the meeting were completed, the fun began yet again, as the club members sang and played games under the star filled skies.

Next morning, the campers got the opportunity to hike to higher grounds in the area and witness the spectacular view from the top. The hike, though exhausting, was certainly worthwhile, as the breathtaking view was one of a kind. As the day approached closure, the group headed back to Colombo, wrapping up their annual club trip.

The whole journey to and from Hirikatuoya was filled with singing, dancing and laughter. The trip was a rewarding get away for all the participants, from their routine busy schedules and a blessing to strengthen the bond between the club members, while gifting them with unforgettable experiences and memories.

By Rtr. Shehara Amath

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