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Together as One – Phase 1 – Session 2

“Is ethnic identity something we’re born with or something we acquire along the way”

“What are the challenges of living in a multi-cultural society?”

“What can we do as Rotaractors to take the message of peace to the Sri Lankan community”

Any visitor would have been surprised to see the Royal College Union Skills Center buzzing with questions like these on a busy Tuesday evening.


Rotaractors from Rotaract Alumni Mora joined hands with Rotaract Club of Wellawatta on 5th September 2017 for the second phase of the project “Together as one”. Focusing on ethnic identity, the Rotaractors shared their views on the benefits of living in a multicultural society as well as the challenges faced. Being the moderators of the event, I got the opportunity to witness many stories being shared and it helped all of us to get a better understanding of ethnicity from different points of view. One of the key challenges mentioned as a barrier for harmony was the language barrier; an issue which we hope to tackle in the future phases of the project.

Strengthened by the success of two lively discussions on how we can live “together as one”, Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa is all set to take on the next challenging phases of the project. Keep in touch with us to learn more…

By Rtr. Rochelle Silva

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