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සත්කාර 17.1

A successful community service project should be timely and should cater the needs of the correct community in the society. Sathakara 17.1 was a project which managed to fulfill the above objectives, as the project was planned and implemented soon after one of the most disastrous natural disasters Sri Lanka has ever seen.

Morawaka is a village close to the Sinharaja rain forest, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and paddy fields. Unfortunately, it was these same beautiful mountains which became cruel enough to add a tear to the eyes of the people who lived in Morakawa. Several people lost their loved ones along with their belongings. Majority of the students living in the area found it hard to reinstate their school life after the disaster. Hence, Rotaract Alumni Mora took the initiative in helping the affected students of the area to recommence their education by providing school shoes and stationery items. It was not just the stationary, but we managed to give them hope that everything is going to be fine and that the rest of the country has not forgotten them.

It is highly appreciatory to note the fact that we managed to collect a considerable amount of financial aid upon short notice to the club members and well-wishers. The shoes and the stationery items were distributed to the students of Keerthi Abeywickrama National School, Morawaka under the patronage of the principal of the school on the 8th of July 2017. About 15 Rotaractors attended the project and it was quite pleasing to note that the students and the teachers of the school welcomed us warmly.

The mountains which came down had taken away most of the belongings dear to those children, but it could not take away the beautiful smiles of these children.

By Rtr. Poorna Rajawasam

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