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“Blood is the elixir of life”

This is indeed true especially when it gives a person on death bed another chance at life. Up to this day, any alternative has not been found to replace blood. Blood is apparently something that is readily available in abundance, but scarce when it comes to transfusions.

At the beginning of the year 2018, the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) of Sri Lanka broadcasted alerts on a possible blood shortage during the months to be followed, due to
increased demand of blood. Being a responsible community in the island nation, Rotaract Alumni Mora gathered up to launch the project Suwa Arana, with the aim of improving the state of health of citizens in Sri Lanka. As the first phase of the project, a blood donation campaign was organized at the aforesaid critical time of need.

Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa joined hands with Siri Wangeesa Dhamma School, Piliyandala in organizing this noble venture. After a round of posters and awareness campaigns which emphasized on the importance of blood donation, the event was successfully concluded on 10th of February 2018 at Sri Wijeyarama Temple, Piliyandala, with a participation of nearly 300 blood donors and volunteers in total. The support extended by the Nayake Thero and the otherntheros of the temple, staff members and parents of the Dhamma school students should be mentioned with special regards.

It is said that the greatest satisfaction comes from sharing with others and the smile on the faces of the participants was a clear proof of that.

By Rtr. Dinushani Wickramarachchi

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