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Handing Over Meeting

The handing over meeting marks the commencement of duties of an incoming president. It is a very special occasion for a newly appointed president, as the handing over meeting will be the first time he/she gets the opportunity to formally introduce the Board of directors to club members and divulge the lineup of service for the incoming year. It was not an exception for me as well.


It was 5th of July 2017. We gathered at Room 302 of Royal College Union Skills Center at 6.00 pm. The outgoing President Chathuranga aiya called the meeting to order. After the formalities were done, he recalled the milestones of his successful Rotaract year and thanked the members for sticking with him through thick and thin. Before winding up, he presented an interesting demonstration on upholding the values.

Then arrived the moment that everyone had been waiting for. Chathuranga aiya collared me and handed over the gavel and charter certificate, thereby transferring the official duties. It was a proud moment, but at the same time, I felt as if a heavy-weight was transferred onto me.   


Then I presented the upcoming Rotaract year’s theme, “Together we paint the shades of Earth” emphasizing the club’s focus on ’Sustainable Living & Environment’ and on ‘Community Service’.


The board of directors, consisting of 21 members (though some said it was a large BoD and many would remain idle, I had other plans ?), was introduced to the gathering. The appointment letters were handed over to the following board members, emphasizing the role they have to play in the year.


  • Rtr. Chathuranga Gallage
   – Immediate Past President
  • Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon
   – President
  • Rtr. Thilina Weerakkody
  – Vice President
  • Rtr. DinushaniWickrachchi
  – Vice President
  • Rtr. Chamara Herath
– Vice President
  • Rtr. Pasan Hewa Kandamby
  – Treasurer
  • Rtr. Sheahra Amath
  – Secretary
  • Rtr. Hiruni Bandara
– Assistant Secretary
  • Rtr. Dinithi Warnasuriya
  – Editor
  • Rtr. Waruna Rasanga
  – Sergeant at Arms
  • Rtr. Poorna Rajawasam
– Director – Community Service
  • Rtr. Savindu Herath
  – Director – Community Service
  • Rtr. Kalpanee Jayathilake
  – Director – Professional Development
  • Rtr. Tharindu Fernando
  – Director – Professional Development
  • Rtr. Pathum Liyanarachchi
  – Director – Club Service
  • Rtr. Lovindu Wijesinghe
  – Director – Club Service
  • Rtr. Rochelle Silva
  – Director – International Service
  • Rtr. Danushi Liyanage
  – Director – Environment
  • Rtr. Vipula Dissanayake
  – Director – IT
  • Rtr. Vindula Jayawardena
  – Director – IT
  • Rtr. Tharindu Kumarage
  – Director – Public Relations


After handing over the appointment letters, it was the time to discuss ongoing projects. Vipula gave an update on the current progress of the Rotaract Alumni Mora website, which was expected to be completed before the installation ceremony.


Poorna then spoke on the first project of the Rotaract year 2017/18 ‘Sathkaara 17.1’, which was scheduled to be held on 08th of July 2017 at Keerthi Abeywickrama National School in Morawaka. He elaborated the project objectives, which were intended to provide school shoes, socks and stationary items to 60 students, who were affected by the recent floods and landslides in Morawaka area.


After a few more discussions on incoming projects, it was time for the stalwarts of Rotaract Alumni Mora to speak up. The Charter President of Rotaract Alumni Mora, Lahiru aiya addressed the gathering and spoke of the club’s journey so far and valued the efforts of the outgoing President Chathuranga aiya for taking the lead when the club needed it the most. Ridwan shared his thoughts, explaining the difficulties to allocate more time into Rotaract while working, unlike university days, unless the members balance time properly and work as a team.


It was a great evening of fellowship for the members to have a chit-chat on the good old days, work life and more importantly, how they could service the society through Rotaract in the coming few months. The members vouched for their support in the incoming projects and headed out for the traditional dinner offered by the newly appointed president.

By Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon

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