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Starting off with Mahaweli, Kelani, Kalu, and Walawe, Sri Lanka is the birthplace to many breath-taking rivers that add on to the glamour and beauty of our little island. However, have we, as citizens been grateful to them? Taking a few seconds to ponder on the question, makes us realize as to the enormity and seriousness of the environmental pollution and destruction happening all around us. Riverbank erosion is one of the most prominent categories of this destruction but also one of the least discussed and addressed.

It is never too late to do what is right and what better day can there be to do the right thing for the environment than the World Earth Day. The Rotaractors of the Alumni Club of University of Moratuwa came together on the 22nd of April 2018 at the Wak Oya situated in Waga, Sri Lanka to paint their second batch of shades of green adding color back to the once so upper reaches of majestic Kelani river. Project ‘Ganga Addara 17.2’ constituted of planting 50 saplings of Mahogany, Mee, Na, and Mango.

The project was made possible with the generous help of Mr. Gamini Alwis, Deputy Regional Manager (Colombo Region), State Timber Corporation who was instrumental in procuring the saplings and locating the regions which needed immediate attention of concerned nature lovers.  After the successful planting of the little drops of greenery along the river bank, the responsibility of taking care of them was entrusted to Grama Niladhari and the villagers of the Pelpola region, because we as citizens of this dying planet should start assuming responsibility for reviving the life source of Mother nature.

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By Rtr. Janaka Nuwan

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