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Have you ever imagined an environment that is not green? Without clean air, water, food resources and shelter, humans and other species will struggle to survive in a healthy and beneficial way. It is very crucial to plant the responsibility of caring for the environment in the minds of humans, especially in the children’s minds to secure the future of all living beings on this planet earth.

On the 2nd of May 2018, the Rotaract club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa visited the Kahapola Pangnananda Vidyalaya with the intention of moulding the future generations of Sri Lanka, by presenting them with the responsibility of caring for the environment. It was the third phase of the project “Marathon towards Greenery”. The dormant passion for the environment within the students was rekindled by the motivational speech of the Environmentalist, Mr Sajeewa Chamikara, Director of the Environment Conservation Trust and a pioneer in the fight for “Wilpattu”


The students who belong to Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the school were grouped into four categories and were given the responsibility of caring for four separate sections in the school premises. The students were monitored by teachers in charge of the respective groups. The Rotaractors instructed the students to carry out planting of the batch of fifty trees in the school premises. The evaluation will be carried out according to the given evaluation criterion at the end of a one-month period to select the best group. The saplings for this phase of the project was secured under the generous support of the Deputy Regional Manager (Colombo Region) of the State Timber Corporation, Mr Gamini Alwis.


These projects of the Rotaractors highlight the fact that, as a part of the ecosystem, it is high time that we humans came together to paint our Mother Earth with shades of green as much as possible.

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By Rtr. Janaka Nuwan

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