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President-Elect Training Seminar and Secretary-Elect Training Seminar (PETs and SETs) is a 2-day workshop for all the newly elected Presidents and Secretaries to get to know the fellow president and secretary elects from other Rotaract clubs of the district, the new District Committee as well as the responsibilities as president and secretary. PETs and SETs 2018 was organized by the Rotaract District 3220 on 12th and 13th May at Tangerine Hotel, Kaluthara.

On 12th May morning, around 6.30 am, two buses departed from the Royal College Union Skills Center. They arrived at the hotel around 9.00 am. As soon as the buses arrived at the hotel, District Committee members were there to conduct the process of allocating rooms for everyone. Three members were allocated for each room. After the room allocation, the opening ceremony was held, which was followed by several speeches which were conducted by DRR Rtr. Anuradha Senanayake, DRRE Rtr. Amjath Yoosuf and Rotary Governor-Elect Rtn. Dushan Soza. The opening ceremony concluded with the official photograph of all the president elects and secretary elects.

All the presidents and secretaries were then divided into 10 groups and were asked to form a club for each group by electing a president from the group. Most exciting part happened afterwards, which was naming their own clubs. There were several interesting names for the clubs such as Rotaract club of Bloody Marry and Rotaract Club of Sumihiripane etc. Rotaract district has organized several challenges throughout the 2 days to recognize the best group. This was a great opportunity to get to know peer presidents and secretaries closely. The first challenge was a quiz, which had 20 questions on the knowledge of Rotaract. Before the lunch, each club was asked to take a piece of paper which contains different dancing acts, which needed to be performed at end of the day. During the lunch break, participants got the opportunity to get to know their roommates.

After the lunch, 5 out of 10 teams went for the scavenger hunt which contains several challenges and clues to be found in order to touch the finish line. Some of the challenges were to do a Haka dance, build a sand castle, play a chess game etc. Then there was a session regarding the district citations, presented by DRR Elect Rtr. PP. Amjath Yoosuf. Before the dinner, there was a small session conducted to inform the participants on the formalities that should be followed in an installation ceremony. After the dinner, the most anticipated event started, which is the dancing challenge. This challenge emphasized creativity and skills of incoming presidents and secretaries.

The second day started with a morning Zumba session, which was a new experience for the most of the participants. It was an energy boost for the participants to kick-start the day. The breakfast was followed by separate sessions for presidents and secretaries to discuss their respective roles, which was conducted by past DRR. Rtr. PP. Mohamed Husni, District Rotaract Secretary-elect Rtr. Afraa Mohamed and District Rotaract Secretary (2016-17) Rtr.Tilani Subasinghe.

After the lunch, the most awaited session commenced, which was the bidding process for district projects. All the participants were excited and competitive for the bidding. Then the district projects were assigned to each club, according to the bids they have placed for different projects. Some of the district projects which were available for bidding were RCL sports events, Lead the way and DCMs. Then the bidding came to an end with some clubs receiving the opportunity to host their preferred projects, while some clubs not.

The bidding was followed by the final challenge to each club, which is to do a presentation regarding a project that they have to do. Every team came up with great project ideas, which contain details regarding the scope, objective, budget and the sustainable plan of the project. Before the closing ceremony, each avenue director of the incoming Rotaract district conducted a presentation regarding the aspects expected from the presidents and secretaries in the incoming year. After the presentations, overall winner of the challenges conducted over the 2 days was announced. The Rotaract Club of Bloody Marry was the winner in this year’s PETs and SETs.

After the formalities of the closing ceremony, all the people surprised DRR Rtr. PP. Anuradha Senanayake with a birthday cake and birthday wishes. Before leaving the premises, all the Rotaractors took their time to greet each other and took photographs. Thus, the 2-day workshop came to an end, while creating numerous bonds between each other.

By Rtr. Waruna Rasanga

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