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The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get us through the bitter winter. Just as every species look forward for the annual spring to come todate, we all have special days that we look forward to in our annual calendar. Out of those special days, one’s birthday is the most look forward to as it remarks another leap of the journey we have been through. You feel special on your birthday as everyone reminds you, cherish you and send their blessings and gifts, at least for the most part of your life. Hence birthday celebrations can vary from family get-togethers to glamorous parties.

It has been a long tradition at Rotaract Mora to redefine celebration of our birthdays, as it is for many other things we do. “Gift a Smile” as the name eloquently describes, is a project where the members who have their birthday for a particular month plans a project to gift a smile to those who long to have smiles on their faces. We continue this tradition at Rotaract Alumni Mora as “Share the Joy” to allow the happiness we have,  to get together and organize a fun-filled evening with a group of individuals with whom sharing our joy is worthwhile.

The second phase of this project was especially commemorated by the two chair-persons, as it was my final Rotaract project in Sri Lanka before I depart for my Graduate studies and it was on the birthday of Rtr. Sumudu Herath, co-chair of the project. It was the 9th of December 2017 at Jinananda Children’s Development Centre, Wellawatte where Rotaractors gathered to spend the day with the children who were waiting to start their day with joy.


The event started with the children lining up to walk to the hall where the celebration was waiting, as the caretakers guided the young followed by the seniors their excitement to see us was gloating on their faces as they smiled with shyness. Once they took place at their seatings, they greeted us ‘Good Morning’ in perfect synchronization which brought us memories of our school days. After the rituals, a light refreshment was given to the children to energize them and to familiarize with the rotaractors. Next, the event was followed by group and solo singing, chit-chatting and creating moments of joy.


Finally, the event was concluded with gift packs to each which included essential stationeries for the new school year starting 2018; a school bag, a kit of notebooks and other accessories. We also donated several other necessities to the Children Development Centre. The celebration of joy, smiles on the faces, the music we cherished and the moments we shared were the true blessings to conclude this eventful day. In this way, ‘Share the Joy’ day truly lived up to its purpose, sharing the Joy among all of us.

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By Rtr. Sumudu Herath & Ridwan Shariffdeen

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