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We all have ‘days’, which make us feel special, loved & cared for, at least on our yearly ‘Birthdays’ we are the centre of our small world. The surprises, gifts & wishes we receive on that day remind us how thankful our family & friends are, for being born among them. However, showing how thankful & joyful we are for being born in the true Rotaract-way of living. Hence, Rotaractors from Alumni Mora brought forth the idea of sharing these surprises, gifts & wishes with those who deserve to feel extra special & dearly loved while giving birth to a series of ‘Share the joy’ days.

To host the fourth Share the Joy day, a dozen of members of Rotaract club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa joined hands together and even more, members contributed financially. Adding a new meaning to our usual ‘Birthdays’, Birthday-owners of April, May, and June donated to this worthy cause. It was a pleasure to see some Rotaractors living and studying in foreign countries also donate to this event to make those kids’ days joyful and vivid. With all the preparations in hand & anticipation in hearts, club members started sharing the joy with a bunch of playful, smart and talkative kids living in Pilapitiya Childcare Centre, on 20th of May 2018.

The caregiving Sisters who are in-charge of the Childcare Centre firstly introduced us to the kids and invited us to unveil the joy we brought in, loving them as one of our own brothers and sisters. To forget the morning gloomy after a heavy rain and to build friendship and trust with them, we started an ice-breaking game. Dividing all of us into two teams, running with a cup fitted to an inflated balloon, boosted the competition and energy while connecting us to their world. From that moment onwards, Rotaractors & kids, we were all the same: passionately participated in the games, won gifts and performed their talents. Seeing children who have next to nothing, smile as if they have the world is a truly amazing sight.

Regardless of the situation, the children may be in, there was no feeling of sadness; simply the children enjoyed being children. They hastily had the breakfast given while having a chat with us. They wanted us to stay and play more thinking we would leave after the breakfast. Reaching further into their worlds, the young Engineers paired with kids to do a game, which involved making figures of animals in quick turns with his or her partner.

As the event came to an end, gift packs, dry rations & other necessities were also donated to the Childcare Centre. The joy, love & laughter amalgamated as they played, danced, & sang with us. We, Rotaractors treasure the smile on the lips & the joy in the eyes of the kids when they saw the sweets & fancy gift packs, and remember how happy we were doing balloon dance with them. In this way, ‘Share the Joy’ day truly lived up to its purpose, sharing the Joy of birthdays among all of us.

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By Rtr. Rushen Basnayake

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