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හරිත පාසල – Evaluations

Rotaractors of Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa found a meaningful way to spend the World Environment Day-2018. They went to Kahapola Pangnananda Vidyalaya to evaluate the progress of the task, which was assigned to the students of the school as a part of the project ‘හරිත පාසල’. The task was to plant a batch of 50 saplings and care them under the guidance of teachers-in-charge.

Rotaractors reached the school early in the morning and carried out evaluations with the collaboration of the teacher-in-charge of the environment. It was a great pleasure to see the sight of plants had started to flush. It was difficult to choose a winner. Students of Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 had given their maximum effort to plant and take care of the saplings. Therefore, the decision was to give the present to the “Team of environment leaders” of the school, who represent the whole school.

As for their concern for the environment, Rotaractors planned to award something related to the environment.  So, the present comprised a set of magazines, which were related to the environment. Those magazines will be beneficial to enhance their knowledge on environment and awareness of the concerns related to the environment in Sri Lanka.

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By Rtr. Janaka Nuwan

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