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Camaraderie – Session 8 – RAC Colombo West

‘Camaraderie’, the major Club Service Project of the club, carried throughout the year 2017/18 along with the Monthly General Meetings of the club, jointly unveiled its eighth session with the Rotaract Club of Colombo West on 21st of March 2018 at Royal College Union Skills Centre, Colombo 7.

The general meeting started following the formalities. Project briefings and important matters were discussed by the two clubs. Among the projects briefed at the meeting, ‘Ascend’ and ‘Aero West’ of Colombo West held similarities with ‘Get Hired’ and ‘Air Wing’ of Alumni Mora’s, which fascinated the club members.

Then, the Ice-Breaking Session commenced, where all the members were requested to introduce themselves and share something special about themselves. All the members highly enjoyed the talking & expressions of the presenters, and specially recalled the past memories of the West Family. The long-term friendship between the two clubs was reminisced by both the club members heartily.

Finally, the meeting concluded for fellowship, while creating many more memories of Camaraderie.

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By Rtr. Hasini Perera & Rtr. Prabodha Chamarie

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