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I am Human Too Phase 1.0

A day to remember, the woman who gave your life. A day to remember, the woman who stood by your side. A day to remember, the woman who gave you wisdom. A day to remember, the woman you showed gratitude by breaking her bones and heart.

Yes, it’s the day we all remember to say NO to violence against woman! The day we all remember to look around and notice for the very first time the women who suffer. However, it is not just on 25th of November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women we should try to pay our attention to this grave social issue.

Women are subjected to domestic violence in many forms including intimate partner violence (battering, psychological abuse, marital rape, femicide), sexual violence and harassment (rape, forced sexual acts, unwanted sexual advances, child sexual abuse, forced marriage, street harassment, stalking, cyber- harassment), human trafficking (slavery, sexual exploitation), female genital mutilation, child marriage and showing cruelty to elderly women.

Project I Am Human Too 1.0 was conducted as an International Service Initiative with the aim to raise awareness that women are subjected to violence worldwide. The objectives were to bring it to the attention of the public to focus on the gravity of this issue and the importance of abiding by the Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10 to leave no one behind.

Therefore, we asked worldwide Rotaractors to share a write-up of a true story about a women who suffered any form of violence or an inspirational story.

The project concluded on 25th of November 2018 which is the day designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the day to eliminate all forms of violence against women. The participants were appreciated with certificates and the stories collected were shared via social media.

On 22nd of November 2018, Rotaract Club of New Bombay (RID 3142) also joined hands with the project to help support the cause.

Hereby the readers of the blog will get to read the heart touching true stories shred by the fellow Rotaractors worldwide. Some of them are personal stories while the others are stories that will clench your heart in a way you would never expect.

Dear reader,

If you have ever shown violence to a woman and if you are doing so today, it is high time to put a pause. Most importantly if you are a women who is currently being subjected to any form of violence, please reach out to us. We are willing to provide you help.

Treat her with love and respect every day. Because “She is Human Too”.

By Rtr. Shenali Welikala

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