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PETs and SETs 2019

President-Elect Training Seminar and Secretary-Elect Training Seminar (aka PETs and SETs) is a 2-day workshop for all newly elected Presidents and Secretaries to get to know the fellow president and secretary elects from other Rotaract clubs of the district, the new District Steering Committee as well as the responsibilities as president and secretary. PETs and SETs 2019 was organized by the Rotaract District 3220 on the 01st and 02nd of June 2019 at Tangerine Hotel, Kaluthara. 

On the 01st of June early morning, an enthusiastic bunch of Rotaractors gathered near Racecourse and three buses were arranged to go to Kaluthara. We arrived at the hotel around 9.00am. Soon after the registrations where done the opening ceremony was held. This session was conducted by DRR RtrAmjath Yoosuf and other dignitaries. After the Rotaract formalities, there were some ice-breaking sessions in order to know the peer presidents and secretaries as well as the district steering committee. The opening ceremony concluded with the official photograph of all the president elects and secretary elects.

All the presidents and secretaries were then divided into 10 groups and were given an interesting challenge. This challenge was to protect an egg (actually a foam ball) while trying to steal other groups eggs. This challenge leads to the formation of some interesting groups like the Ballers, Guardian of Balls, Ball Guards etc. The Rotaract District Steering Committee organized several challenges throughout the 2 days to reveal the best team. This was a great opportunity to get to know peer presidents and secretaries closely.

After the opening sessionthe Rotaractors were led to their lodging areas which housed them for the next 2 days. Three members were allocated for each room. After the room allocation, Rotaractors gathered for the lunch. After the lunch, the second session was conducted by the District Steering Committee where they provided brief descriptions regarding the district year plans for different avenues. After this session, there were some fun games and the teams were given the challenge to get ready with a dance for the Campfire event planned that night.

After the dinner, the most anticipated event started, the Campfire consisted of a bag full of fun events. The event was hosted by Rtr. IPP. Mohomed Rehan and the event started with Haka challengeThere were some amazing creative Haka dances by the teams. Finally, the most awaited event of the campfire the group dances started. The day ended up in a high note with some exciting performances by the presidents’ and secretaries’ elects.

The second day started with a morning exercise session conducted by Rtr. ADRR Thareef Bin Ubaid, which was a new experience for most of the participants. Unfortunately, bad weather interrupted this session and there was an early wind-up. The breakfast was followed by separate sessions for presidents and secretaries to discuss their respective roles, which was conducted by DRRE Rtr. PP. Krishan Balaji and District Rotaract Secretary-elect RtrHarindee Fernando. Then the session concluded with some amazing presentations done by the teams regarding an innovative project for a Rotary focus area. There were some amazing project ideas from the groups. 

The final session was conducted by DRRE Rtr. PP. Krishan Balaji regarding district citations and RI citations. Even though the bidding for the district projects were planned, as the final event of PETs and SETs 2019 due to minor technical issues it was postponed to the next DCM. After the presentations, the overall winner of the challenges conducted over the past 2 days was announced. Our Club Secretary’s team “Ball Guards” was the winner in this year’s PETs and SETs. 

After the formalities of the closing ceremony, there was a surprise birthday celebration for few Rotaractors who celebrate their birthdays on that day. Before leaving the premises, all the Rotaractors took their time to greet each other and to take some memorable photographs. Thus, the 2-day workshop came to an end, while creating numerous bonds between each other and a valuable boost to start the year strong!

By: Rtr. Hasitha Wellaboda

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