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Emergence – The Board Training

“Emergence” was initiated by Rotaract Alumni Mora to provide an opportunity for the board of directors to understand their respective role as board members, to explore and to expand their potential as both individuals and team players. This time, the project Emergence took place on the 6th July 2019, at the Aqua Pearl Lake Resort, Panadura. The programme was designed mostly activity-based, by the project chair Rtr. Sanjaya Gunawardana. Emergence can be described as one of the first detailed discussions the Club had in the new Rotaract year. During the morning session, the newly appointed President Rtr. Hasitha Prashan and Secretary Rtr. Shenali Welikala recounted the glorious yesteryears of Rotaract Alumni Mora and briefed on how our new board planned to continue its legacy. The exciting year plans drawn by the directors of each avenue were discussed among the board, and it was delightful to see that Rotaract Alumni Mora was in for another very lively year.

Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon, Director for Environmental Services for Rotaract District 3220 was our celebrity for the day and the board of directors learnt quite a lot from the friendly discussions we had after lunch. He first described the background of our Rotaract Alumni Mora Club and what it had gone through for the 6 strong and bold years. The importance of each avenue was made clearer to the new board of directors, and he also shared insight about the projects proudly continuing from the past years as well. Our fond Past President Rtr. Himantha winked as he shared his expertise in getting fellow Rotraractors engaged in projects. There was much to share, and these were happy conversations among eager board members with laugh and cheerfulness.

Concluding the knowledge-sharing session, it was time for a tournament of one-bump cricket, between the president’s and secretary’s teams. It was a lovely match, having to invent new boundary rules while playing and cheering Rtr. Shenali for her funny batting technique. Moreover, the game strengthened the bond between us, while enjoying playing as a team.

The programme ended at this note, and after tea being served, the president thanked all who had participated for the programme. Rtr. Sanjaya was specially thanked for his efforts to make this project enjoyable and productive as it was. It was a successful day, and we are certain to see those bright energetic faces enjoy Rotaract in the upcoming year.

By Rtr. Louise Christine

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