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Kindred Kidneys – Phase 4

Continuing the good work, Rotaract Alumni Mora successfully completed the 4th phase of Kindred Kidneys. The project took place at Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya on 1st of September in collaboration with the Samastha Lanka Kidney Association (SLKPA), in selling their newspaper “Wakugaduwa”. The main objective of selling this publication is to increase awareness regarding Chronic Kidney Disease and raise funds to provide free Dialysis Treatments for underprivileged kidney patients. As that day was a rainy day, there were devotees at Kelaniya, but our Rotaractors from Rotaract Alumni Mora and the members of Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients Association (SLKPA) did our best by cooperating in the selling and creating awareness among the public.

In the morning we met Dr. Sanjaya Heiyanthuduwa who is the pioneer in developing this Kidney Patients Association to uplift the quality of lives of underprivileged kidney patients. He appreciated the service done by our initiative. The famous actress Mrs. Hyacinth Wijeratne also engaged with us in selling newspapers and she was great strength to us in raising funds.  

Rotaract Alumni Mora is excited in expanding the project “Kindred Kidneys” in different angles and improve our contribution towards this worthy cause.  

Rtr. Kavinda Senarathne

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