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Camaraderie 19.2

Traditional general meetings have a new twist to it, thanks to Camaraderie, which was introduced a few years ago. This time, the general meeting for the month of September was held jointly with the RAC Colombo Central on the 22nd, at Coco Space, Colombo.  

The Presidents and secretaries of both Clubs were present at the head table and RtrHasitha called the meeting to order. The Rotaract formalities proceeded next, followed by the national anthem. First, members from the Rotaract Alumni Mora Club described the projects for the month and upcoming projectsRtr. Sanjaya was thrilled to share with us the plan for the most-awaited club trip to Manigala, and Rtr. Kavinda invited all to contribute to the Aharunu Akuru project which was ongoing in parallel at the Bookfair at BMICHNext, the meeting was passed onto Rtr. Mano Mudunkotuwa, and Club members from RAC Colombo Central progressed with their upcoming projects. Rtr. Mano warmly invited us to be a part of their wonderful projects such as the Dog Carnival and other heartfelt projects upcoming in October.  

Once the general meeting was called to an end, RAC Colombo Central had organized a game session, which required Hindi! One of the Rotaractors helped us in learning how to introduce ourselves in Hindi. It was quite funny trying to say, I am Louise (or any other name in that case) in a different language, and it created a light and happy atmosphere for the evening. Next, the game even continued to distribute a paper which we would refer to as if it were a Hindi-English-Sinhala dictionary. We grouped into 3 teams and had to match the Hindi word (on our paper) to what was acted out by the other team!  

So, the second episode of Camaraderie for this year ended in a happy note, creating new friends and with anticipation towards the next session of the day; “Perception”. It a professional development project which was organized by Rotaract Alumni MoraWe are proud and happy to have had participation in such happy numbers as on that day 

Rtr. Louise Christine

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