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The Club Trip – 2019

It was early morning on 12th October 2019.  We were ready at the university gates for the annual club trip of Rotaract Alumni Mora. We started as early as possible since we were excited to explore a lot in the misty mountains. After having breakfast at Kurunegala and shopping at Matale we entered the paradise valley of Riverston. 

As the first stop of our journey, we reached Bambarakiri Ella which is an enchanting waterfall situated near Rattota town. A suspension bridge spanning the falls made the scene more attractive and added a bit of an adventure as well. Touch of the cool splashes of water from the falls was able to make us feel refreshed. 

Enjoying the cool climes we headed our way to our next stop which was Riverston Pitawala Pathana. Despite the long and windy roads, breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside didn’t fail to amaze us. After reaching the Pitawala Pathana we took the trail to Mini Worlds End to witness the stunning views and to take some good pictures. Every passing moment was filled with happiness from meeting good friends after a while as well as the beauty of nature. 

After having lunch amidst nature we headed to see another attraction which was Sera Ella. Even though the skies were getting dark we took a small trek to reach the waterfall. This was truly a spectacular waterfall and a dry but cool cave is hidden behind the curtain of water as it flows down the rockface. We didn’t miss to take some pictures here as well. Time slipped away so soon with all the fun we had together and it was time to reach our home for the night in the village of Atanwala. 

Our plans for camping for the night faded away with the predictions of heavy rains at night. Gladly the organizers had a plan B. Luckily this place offered a breathtaking view of the majestic Manigala mountain which was our task for the next morning. After getting some rest and having dinner made by our own Rotaractors we got together to enjoy the rest of the evening singing songs and having more fun. 

The next morning we woke up early to catch the sunrise over Manigala and it was truly amazing. We had a quick breakfast and started our hike. Passing Thelgamu Oya and village paddy fields we entered Knuckles Forest. We hiked under the canopy of greenery despite few leach attacks and the path was being a bit exhausting. But the view from the summit was worth all that. Manigala is a mythical place according to stories around King Ravana. However, it was magical indeed to see the surrounding mountains and the valley where the village we stayed in is situated from the mountain top. It was also the perfect place to click another group picture. After enjoying the view for some time we started descending. 

A refreshing bath in Thelgamu Oya at the bottom of the mountain was much needed for us after the hike. Then we returned back to our lodge and had our lunch. After that, we said goodbye to this paradise valley and started our return journey. On the way back we stopped at RtrSachindra’s home for a cup of tea as well. 

With the memories of an unforgettable journey filled with laughter and joy, it was time to head back home. We thank the organizers RtrHasitha and RtrHimantha for the well planned and executed two days. 

By: Rtr. Dinesha Harshani Karunathilake

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