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Mitratā Twin Day with Pokhara

After enjoying the beauty of Nepal for 4 days, Rotaractors from Sri Lanka got ready for the most important event of their visit to Nepal. It was the Twin Day celebrations with Rotaract Club of Pokhara on the 11th of November 2019. After visiting so many beautiful places in Pokhara with RtrNirmala we got ready for the special general meeting at Hotel New Road Inn, Pokhara. Rtr. Amrit and Rtr. Pradip picked up from our hotel and we reached to Hotel New Road Inn around 6pm in the evening. 

We were warmly welcomed by Rtr. Prawesh Gauthem the Vice President of Rotaract Club of Pokhara and few other Rotaractors from the club. We started the joint general meeting around 6.30pm in the evening and Rtr. Prawesh welcomed us for their special meeting. After the national anthems of both countries and Rotaract formalities there was a small ice breaking session to introduce yourself to all who participated for the meeting. After the ice breaking session both clubs briefed respective club projects.  

The highlight of this meeting was the speech by Rtr. Amrit regarding his visit to Sri Lanka and he shared his experience to all others. Then RtrPP. Chamal gave a small briefing regarding our stay in Nepal and he thanked each and every member of Rotaract Club of Pokhara for supporting us during our visit. After exchanging the gifts and letterheads we officially signed our twin agreement between the two clubs. It was a joyous moment for all of us. 

After the meeting we were ready for another special event. It was an authentic Nepalese dinner. It was like “Kurakkan Thalapa” in Sri Lanka. Nepali people used to eat this food since a long time and Rtr. Amrit shared some stories related to these foods. He showed us how to eat them properly as well. After finishing two full plates of Thalapa I couldn’t even walk properly. Then we shared some oil cakes, kokis and mun kevum with our Nepali friends. They enjoyed the sweets a lot. Even some of them took some for their family as well. 

We went back to our hotel and Rtr. Prawesh and Rtr. Pradip accompanied us back to the hotel. We had some discussion till midnight. Rtr. Prawesh invited us to his coffee shop Chiya’s” as well. The day ended with some amazing love stories and fun stories and we were really lucky to build our friendships with these amazing friends outside the borders. 

Rtr. Hasitha Prashan

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