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විෂම භාග – A film for Charity

A film for Charity? Is that true?

On one recent afternoon while watching the television, I saw an advertisement regarding a film that was created for charity purposes. I didn’t believe that this was true, so I searched the internet about it. It is true!

This is none other than the film “Vishama Bhaaga” which is screened at EAP cinema halls these days. This film revolves around two twin boys in a rural village: Ruwansiri and Kamalasiri. One is good at maths while other is a talented singer. The film narrates the story of these two children and shows how the current education system in Sri Lanka can affect a child’s life.

What’s special about this film is that it was produced to raise funds for the charity project “Pure Water For All”. All the profits generated from this film are directly being used to build water purification centers in North Central Province. As we all know, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the major issues in those areas and it is caused mainly due to the unhealthy water. Therefore, the effort to build new water purification centers in these areas and provide the villages with clean water supply is really admirable.

They have already started to build 20 centers in these areas with the profit they have earned from the successful screenings of the film in countries Australia and New Zealand. Also, one of the cinema hall owners, Mr. Sunil Aruna Weerasiri was deeply moved by this initiative, and has decided to donate the entire earnings of the film at his cinema towards this worthy cause.


This film has already won more than 50 awards in different film festivals such as the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Festigious International Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Asian Cinematography International Film Festival in Philippines this year. This clearly shows how impactful this film is.  Apart from for its star-cast, the film was awarded for its narrative, cinematography and direction. “Vishama Bhaaga” has a brilliant cast of new child actors and also veterans such as Jackson Anthony and Kushalya Fernando in main roles.

This year as Rotaract Alumni Mora we have focused on supporting CKD patients in Sri Lanka with projects like Kindred Kidneys, and we strongly admire this effort to provide clean water to these rural areas. Through this article, we hope to create awareness about this thoughtful venture by “Vishama Bhaaga” and share it among the society.

We invite all Sri Lankans to watch this beautiful film and support this worthy cause to make this amazing effort a success. Since it will screen for only two weeks from now, we encourage everyone to watch this film as soon as possible.

Rtr. Louise Christine


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