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Reminiscence ’19

Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa had its 7th installation ceremony on last year and has a wide spread membership which varies from soon-to-be graduates to graduates who have risen in their respective career fields and now working around the globe. All these members have passion to engage with Rotaract events despite their busy schedules. Reminiscence is an annually held meet-up of Rotaract club of Alumni University of Moratuwa for the purpose of reuniting the older and younger members. This time, Reminiscence’ 19 was held on 20th December 2019 during the Christmas Season.

Rtr. Sanjaya, Rtr. PP. Himantha, Rtr. Shenali and Rtr. Hasitha were the main pillars in organizing the successful event this year. At around 6:30 pm, we gathered at Playtrix Sports Bar and Café which is in the Colombo City Center. The Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Alumni University of Moratuwa and Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa gathered at the venue, looking forward for an evening filled with long-due chit chats and reminisce the good old days. Participation of Rtr. PP. Lahiru Gawarammanna, charter president of Rotaract Club of Alumni Mora was one of the greatest privileges of the evening to all the members since he is such an inspirational character. Also, participation of past presidents Rtr. Amitha and Rtr. Chamal enlightened the event since they had so many things to share with the new members. Rtr. Nedha, Rtr. Kalpanee, Rtr. Prabodha, Rtr. Pasan and many senior members were thrilled to have met after so long, and cherished the wonderful times they had together. All the past members were eager to share the experiences of their golden era in Rotaract and listen to the how well things are going on now.

The most highlighted activity was the sharing experience of the Rotaract life with the others including what you did up to today. It was all fun remembering the good old days and memories. Everyone enjoyed remembering their activities and listening to their colleagues’ success stories and their achievements. This activity was also very entertaining, because all the chit chats ended up giving a laughter to everyone. Afterwards, there was a pleasant dinner with the DJ music. Another fun activity which was organized was playing table football. It was a good experience and everyone played it happily while some of us danced at the DJ.

Photographs always play an important role in each and every event. Making everlasting memories by posting too many photographs as usually marks the end of the get-together. Yes, it was a gathering of some random souls with a unique passion for Rotaract and they left after becoming good friends. All these souls under a single roof had a wonderful and amusing evening with memories lasting a lifetime, within the few hours spent. It simply was a delightful eve.

Rtr. Udeshika Ravihari Dissanayake

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