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The DRR Visit 2019/20

The 2nd of January was quite a special day for Rotaract Alumni Mora: it was the day for the DRR Visit. Rather a bright way to kick start 2020, the meeting was scheduled to 6pm at Achievers Lanka Business School. (The day also had another reason for being interesting, but let’s keep that little secret towards the end ?)

District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP. Krishan Balaji and guide club coordinator of  Rotaract Alumni Mora Rtr. IPP. Sajini Wickramasinghe were warmly welcomed by the club, and then the meeting began. After the Rotaract formalities and anthem, our guest Rotaractors were officially welcomed once again to the meeting. It was then our opportunity to showcase the amazing projects we had completed throughout the past six months. Rtr. Kavinda presented the community services project series we have such as Kindred Kidneys, Nena Pahana, Share the Joy etc. He concluded inviting everyone to take part in these heart-touching projects in upcoming phases.Next, Rtr. Sanjaya continued with the club service avenue, describing activities since the beginning of this Rotaract year: from Emergence, the multi-phased Camaraderie, the get-together and how can I forget the club trip?! Much more fun and activity in the club service avenue is already planned down the line, such as a sing-along and much more. Rtr. Shenali took the opportunity to brief about the international services avenue, and the signature project this time was Mitrata. As in our previous blogs, we had the chance of hosting President of the Rotaract Club of Pokhara, Rtr. Amrit Subedi in Sri Lanka. Then, our club members also enjoyed a marvellous stay in the land of peace last November. Sharing happy memories from that adventurous project, Rtr. Shenali concluded hinting on future plans of creating bonds with a wider world of Rotaractors and visiting more countries.

Rtr. Bala was happy to see the energy and dedication we at Rotaract Alumni Mora had towards serving our community. After expressing his pleasure, he wished to get to know us better and suggested we’d introduce ourselves. At the very beginning of each new year, everyone is obviously bursting with new year resolutions and Rtr. Bala said that he’d like to hear some of ours as well. Ranging from joining the gym, spending lesser and even trying to grow taller, sharing our resolutions was an enjoyable and entertaining prospect. Next, he briefly asked regarding any problems and concerns we had in Rotaract, that he could address or clarify. After these discussions, the meeting ended at a happy note and clicking the mandatory group photo.

Now comes the interesting side-activity I had mentioned before. Rtr. Udeshika had organized a game of secret Santa, and before the meeting, Rtr. Kavinda had gathered all the labelled presents from the Club members. Rtr. Hasitha, playing his fatherly role as ever, decided that he’d present the gifts as you can see.

Along with the gifts we parted ways for the day in high spirits to do our best for the next 6-months for this Rotaract year.


Rtr. Louise Christine

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