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Have you ever watched “Master Chef”? Such was the experience the team of Cluster 05 wanted to recreate for our energetic Rotaractors in the Rotaract District . After more than three months of planning, the organizing committee was able to make that dream true by pulling off an amazing day while have fun with cooking. 

On the 16th of February Rotaractors from all 10 clubs of the Cluster 05 alongside with Rotaractors from the district gathered at Beach House Bistro in Dehiwala area for a next levelled experience in cooking while celebrating fellowship. Even our friends from Jaffna, Katugastota and Rathnapura participated for this event disregarding distances and travel fatigues and that. The registration started quite early that Sunday morning. All the participants were divided into six groups. These teams consisted of members from different clubs. Therefore, organizers wanted to do some team building games before the cook-off start.

The day was stared with the game “The longest Line” where each team was asked to make the longest line using items that they had with them in that very moment within 5 minutes. This challenge was fun to watch, and participants were creative enough to use shoelaces, belts, shoes and some even decided to take their shirts off. Even though several teams used this clothes trick of extending their line, team Guardian of the Roti triumphed the challenge without needing to do so. (Of course I’m not sharing winning secrets in blogs okay ?).

After this game teams were given several characters to dress up. They were provided with newspapers, toilet paper and cello tape to dress one of their teammates. The teams got around 20 minutes to make these characters. There were some interesting characters like Daphne, Adolf Hitler, Sherlock Holmes and Batman. After dressing up there was a pageant show and everyone else had a great time trying to identify those characters. After that there were several other team building activities like human knot as well.

After lunch final team building activity “Mad Libs” started. There were some interesting word dialogues created randomly. This event flew to the next level because one script accidently (and very innocently) was created with the names Bala and Mano. Our own DRR Krishan Balaji and peer president Rtr. Mano were at the event, hence everyone wanted them to act this script. It was a fun act featuring Inspector Bala with Mano the Suspect. Everyone had had a good laugh with this activity.

Finally, the most awaited segment of the day started. Rtr. Methmini, the main organizer of the event briefed about the cook-off. Each team got the required equipment and ingredients to create “Coconut Roti” and “Lunu Miris”. Teams had to build their own fireplace with bricks and wood. Creating fire with the breezy wind from the Indian Ocean was the biggest challenge for all the teams. Somehow every team manage to overcome it. Even though we had to make “Coconut Roti”, teams were not provided with coconut scrapers. They had to use forks to scrape coconuts and use it make roti. Teams were given one hour to cook and decorate the presentation of roti and lunu miris.

All six teams were able to make a exquisite roti and lunu miris dishes with the given time. Then the tasting and the judging commenced. The judging panel consisted of three experienced food lovers namely DRR Elect Rtr. Kasun, ADRR Rtr. Afraa and District PR Director Rtr. Anjana. Teams presented their amazing dishes to the judges. One team created a soup as well using the ingredients provided. Judges gave their comments to the Rotaract chefs who worked tirelessly to create an amazing Pol Roti. Surprisingly some had their first cooking experience during this event.  

After than Rtr. Haadiya gave a vote of thanks and invited Rtr. Methmini to announce the winners. Finally, Rtr. Methmini announced the winner of the Rotaract Cook off and the Overall Winners. The team Guardians of the Roti able to win the both awards (actually two boxes of chocolates) and we were crowned as the Overall champions of the day.

After taking group pictures and selfies, we all Rotaractors signed off for the day, making new friendships while gaining new experiences.

Rtr. Hasitha Prashan


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