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Clean and Green is our Perfect Dream

James Fridman, if you know, is a British graphic designer quite well known for doing funny alterations to photos on requests on Instagram or Twitter. Recently, a very good one popped up in my newsfeed, and here you go. You see, he has done it very well.

As much as we all have seen in the news as well, along with the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, the reduced human activity has affected our Earth positively. We are blessed as never before. The air pollution has dropped, the skies are clearer. The Sri Pada is visible to Colombo and the other way around as well! People are reconnecting with nature: we are appreciating our beautiful gardens and spending more time outside the house. (not on the run though, with curfews and that ?) Planting and attending to our home garden is one of our newfound pastimes and it is certainly exhilarating.

Celebrating 50 years of Rotaract in Sri Lanka, the project “Recover” focuses on conducting 50 cleanups within this year throughout the island.  With the Rotary West family, we are happy to have completed “Lassana Werala”, a large scaled beach cleanup to clean the clean the coastal areas from Wellawatta to Mount Lavinia. 

At Rotaract Alumni Mora, our theme for this year is “Strive to save the Earth”. We had numerous projects focusing on creating greenery in our surroundings, and recently had “Haritha Lowak”, a tree-planting challenge in celebration of the Earth Day.

Our signature project “Marathon towards Greenery” consists of three main sub projects namely “Gaga Addara”, “Maga Addara” and “Haritha Paasala”. Through these, we focus on addressing riverbank erosion, bringing back the greenery to the suburbs through tree planting campaigns and on encouraging the younger generation to create greenery in their schools as well as villages. Also, with “Spick and Span”, we were able to successfully complete a beach cleanup in Panadura, encouraging children to be a part of it as well.

We strongly believe that initiatives like these would make Sri Lanka more beautiful and make this country a better and attractive place to live. As Rotaractors, we are proud to be contributing to save the environment for the future generations.

Rtr. Louise Christine

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