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Limitless Horizons

Ever thought that being stuck at home we could explore anything remotely close to “Limitless Horizons”? The Directors of the Professional Development avenue came up with this bright idea, of exploring and sharing experiences with fellow Rotaractors regarding higher studies ouside Sri Lanka.

On the 05th of April, we joined for a joint meeting with Rotaract Club of University Alumni on the Zoom platform. After the Rotaract formalities, we we dug into the discussion. With ongoing precautions and safety measures against COVID-19, we are really thankful that having everyone spending time mostly indoors we had many senior Rotaractors joined with us. Rotaractors from both clubs who are currenly pursuing higher studies made this the platform to share their personal experience regarding the opportunities available in the world. From choosing a university, applying, and to adapt to the new society you find yourself in: the discussion was an amazing opportunity to all of us to get insight of the process. In between friends in Rotaract, the session was generally enjoyable and everyone could interact well, asking questions and sometimes sharing their entertaining stories as well!

The discussion followed be a Camaraderie session between Rotaract Alumni Mora and the Rotaract Club of University Alumni, in the form of a joint meeting. We wish all the very best to our Rotaractors endevouring on higher studies, and hope that Limitless Horizons was a wonderful initiative that widened their opportunities.

Rtr. Louise Christine

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