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Why should I donate blood ?

It’s not just blood, it’s liquid life !

Your blood is a gift of life…

Your blood is a precious gift, a gift of life. One pint of your blood can save as many as three valuable lives. Your safe blood will be used in blood transfusion needed for:

  • Many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients
  • Children with severe anemia cause due to malaria and malnutrition
  • Women with complications of pregnancy, during or after childbirth
  • Patients with thalassaemia and sickle cell disease

Blood donation is beneficial for your health !

Regular donation of blood reduces risk of heart attacks and liver ailments. It balances the iron levels in your body which in turn lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of cancer related to liver, lungs and intestine.

You get a free health checkup by donating blood !

You have to go through a routine checkup prior to donation. After donation, your blood is tested for 13 infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B & C. So, you get a free health checkup by donating blood!

Donate your blood. Save lives.

If you are a healthy adult with body weight over 50kg, do not hesitate to visit your nearest blood donation camp. You can donate one pint of blood every 4 months. If you donate 4 times a year you can save up to 12 lives!

Reference: World Health Organization (WHO)

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