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Awaken your childlike spirit! – ‘Kites – Let’s Meet’

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. ~George Bernard Shaw

Kites‘, was an open event of the signature Club service project, Let’s Meet. Any Rotaractor in the district could drop by, meet us at AlumniMora and have fun flying kites! It was an attempt to take a step back from our hectic schedules and a trip back through the memory lane to our childhoods. The event took place at Galle Face Green, Colombo on the beautiful evening of August 30th 2020 from 3.30 pm onwards.

The Rotaractors at AlumniMora surely had their childish spirits high when they stepped into Gall Face Green. They were awestruck by the colourful kites in different shapes and sizes. They rushed in to choose the ‘best’ kites from the lot because it was so important that their kites flew the furthest up in the sky. The faces of the participants lit up as their kites flew high in the sky. As some of the amateurs were taking ‘how to fly a kite ‘ lessons from the experts, you could occasionally hear playful verbal banter between the ‘professional kite flyers’ on whose kite is flying the highest!

The not-so-friendly kite wars

Our fellow Rotaractors from RAC IIT and RAC UOCArts came to meet us and fly kites! The Rotaractors introduced themselves to each other and had a warm chat as the sun was starting to set on the horizon. The Rotaractors continued their fellowship while flying kites which quickly escalated to a thrilling kite war between RAC IIT vs. RAC Alumni Mora. Let’s say that the evening ended with the winner being undecided…

Bubbles and Isso-wade

No day-out at Galle Face is complete without soapy bubbles and isso-wade. So Rotaract AlumniMora made the day perfect with soapy bubbles swaying in the salty air and hot-hot isso-wade to munch on!

The perfect ending for a perfect evening

The Rotaractors thoroughly enjoyed the evening, made new friends and laid the foundation of friendship which is vital in working together in service for others. The mental relaxation that they gained from this throwback to the childhood will improve their well-being and mental health which will be depicted in the quality of their day-today lives.

As the sun set on the horizon, showcasing a beautiful pink canvas, the Rotaractors bid farewell to each other with the hope of meeting again at the second phase of Let’s Meet.

So, Let’s Meet….. again!!

By Rtr. Amali Herath

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