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“Let’s Meet – Go Healthy” – One step towards a healthier lifestyle

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Let’s Meet – Go Healthy” was yet another effort by the Club Service Team of Rotaract Alumni Mora to encourage our members to lead a more joyous and healthier lifestyle. The members turned up in numbers at the Bellanwila Walking Path, Boralesgamuwa on the evening of 19th of September 2020 from 4.30 pm onwards to witness the 2nd sub-project of the signature project “Let’s Meet”, which was named “Go Healthy”. After spending a few months stuck in endless work-from-home schedules and online lectures this was another chance to meet up and buckle up for a healthy ride!

The healthy evening started with a long jog around the Bellanwila walking path. The members enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area and enjoyed each other’s company while strolling. We were thrilled to welcome Rtr. Gihini from Rotaract Club of UOCFM for the evening jog. It was her debut project participation as a fresh Rotaractor and we hope it would give her motivation to serve in Rotaract in the years to come. The highlight of the project was the phenomenal record set by our President, Rtr. Anju who supposedly completed two laps around the track while the others had only completed one! Some might argue otherwise!

After the jog, it was time to ride bicycles to get the momentum going. The sun has already set by the time we got on bicycles and drove through the chilly Bellanwila wind. Some determined bicycle racers raced fiercely against each other, while some leisurely rode around the path. The experience in the jogging path was not necessarily an extravagant experience but the Rotaractors enjoyed the simplest of joys while laughing at the most childish jokes.

The end of the project was marked by gulping down healthy fresh juice and sharing more thoughts on the day’s happenings. The project was indeed a step towards a healthier lifestyle which uplifted the spirits of the club members and encouraged them to exercise more regularly to lead a quality lifestyle.

By Rtr. Amali Herath

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