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Being a Guiding Light For Their Future

Wisdom is the reward of experience and should be shared.

Experience is one of the best teachers of all times. Once you start sharing them that’s when you impart wisdom from the hard learnt experiences to guide those who walk the same journey as yourself.

GCE A/L Examination is one of the most competitive hurdles in a student’s life. It’s indeed a decisive leap that one takes forward. Thus, the competitiveness and the urge to get through that hurdle remain intense. For many students out there it’s the first time facing this. Yet, it’s a hurdle that thousands and thousands have leapt over. “A word to Future” is a timely initiative by Rotaract Alumni Mora which was aimed In bringing these experiences turned to wisdom from those who already conquered it to those who are about to face the same.

From those who seized it

“A Word to Future” was a hub for sharing experiences and essential tips on how to successfully face the GCE A/L Examination. This was also a mode of motivation for students especially amidst difficult times of a pandemic in the country. The project comprised a series of videos by many high-end achievers in the recent A/L examinations in various streams. These short video clips were based on the valuable strategies which these passionate facilitators followed to seize their opportunity to qualify this hurdle.

To the future of the country

The videos were delivered in all three languages and were shared across different social media platforms throughout five weeks. During this time, our team didn’t forget to get the students’ feedback and cater them in their upcoming videos for a better impact of the project. The feedback we received evinced that this initiative was indeed a worthy investment for the future of the country. It’s our sincere hope that these words to the future we’ve shared across the island would assist in creating countless success stories which will be invested in the future to come.

The success of the project was not an individual achievement but an effort fo the many. The valuable time, experiences and even feedback that were shared were of immense value to the project. Thus, we extend our heartiest gratitude for all the past achievers who dedicated their valuable time and everyone who supported us in making “A Word to Future” a soaring success.  

By Rtr. Sithmi Lawanga

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