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This time, Let’s Meet go digital – Guess It!, Game ON

We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship, and formed for a family

-Rick Warren

This year, we launched the signature club service project ‘Let’s Meet’ with the aim of strengthening the bond of our own members by allowing them to engage in fun and joyful activities. A good social service always starts with the fellowship of like-minded people. Therefore, ‘Let’s meet’ delivers a collection of events especially focusing on building up a team of Rotaractors who are well determined to carry on their service to the community.

An era of social distancing..

As the COVID -19 pandemic struck the country again, we all had to limit our physical gatherings. Consequently, strict adherence to safety measures becomes more important among all. Hence, we elevated the initially proposed ‘Let’s Meet’ sub-projects to a whole new setup as the safety of our nation always comes first.

Thanks to the technology the service is continued..

While keeping a healthy distance, we refactored and redesigned most of our projects to deliver an effective social service even during the pandemic. Similarly, we added a new color to our ‘Let’s meet’ project series to keep up the mental fitness of our members cherished and bonded. As such, projects ‘Guess It!’ and ‘Game ON’ unfolded virtually through a digital platform for our members to rejoin without violating the safety measures.

Guess It! Night of film buffs..

We, movie fanatics spend sleepless hours watching movies. Have we ever used that knowledge in a contest? . ‘Guess it!’ was a virtual fun quiz woven around the movies that we always love. This most awaited movie trivia happened on 23rd of October with the participation of an enthusiastic crowd. The game consisted of four rounds and failures were penalized by the hangman game. On each round, a team received three movie-related incidents where they had to guess the related movie.  At each time they failed, they got closer to their death penalty!. It was such a colorful night filled with laughter as we all dived into a pool of memories together.

Game ON! Night of challenging gamers…

The second virtual sub-project ‘Game ON’ was successfully held on 28th of November. All the enthusiastic gamers of the club were invited to participate in a virtual gaming session with COD4 and Among Us. While some of our members were jockeying in the virtual battlefield others gathered to support them cheeringly. Meanwhile, we saw the skills and strategies of our talented gamers throughout the session. It was such a blissful evening for all of us as we were able to meet each other heartedly even though we are physically apart.

An effort of spirited rotaractors…

The masterminds behind these two amazing projects were Rtr. Pasindu Nanayakkara and Rtr. Charu Katuwawala. We could not have witnessed an unforgettable memory without the help given by Rtr. Dulaj Dilshan to build the gaming platform for Guess It!.  Rtr. Rahal Hettiarchchi gave an immense contribution to ‘Game ON’ by coordinating our energetic gamers. Above all, our members who participated in the virtual sessions brought the true sense of fellowship which would build up a long-lasting Rotaract journey ahead. 

By Rtr. Odatha Bandara

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