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Memories from last Christmas – ‘Tis the Season

Deck the halls with boughs of holly.., ‘Tis the season to be jolly…


Is there anything more joyous on Christmas eve than its pre-seasonal Christmas decorations? Christmas decors bring creativity and life to the Christmas tide. Even more, the memories you would still cherish about last Christmas are the gatherings you had with your friends. In addition, when you had the chance to celebrate Christmas eve with your favorite friends even during the glooms of a pandemic isn’t it fascinating? This is all about our fun-filled Christmas gathering at Rotaract Alumni Mora. Of course, we adhered to safety measures and had a virtual celebration!

Virtual Decorations ?!!

Prior to the day, we all were curious about the event with its promotion campaign. “How can we decorate Christmas virtually!! Is it realistic?”. Finally, the day bloomed to thrill the most awaited Christmas event of our club, ‘Tis the Season’. It was another episode of the Let’s Meet project series and was held virtually on the 24th of December as a Christmas decoration competition.

The battle began…

Above all, we were all excited about meeting each other prior to Christmas night. There were a lot of friendly talks, jokes amid the laughter. After everyone joined, the organizers of the event Rtr. Charu Katuwawala and Rtr. Pasindu Nanayakkara guided us about the event. It was all about decorating the glorious Christmas.

some of our participants
Few of our people who added the colors of Christmas to the event

With our newly joined members, ‘Tis the Season event was filled with an enthusiastic crowd. Firstly, we were divided into groups and given four interesting and creative missions to complete. That is, we had to make and decorate a ginger house, a Christmas tree, and a snowman and then write a letter to Santa (we had a lot of wishes to ask for). Then we began our creative battle. Believe me, it was really an exhilarating experience to do online decorations with friends. 

We hurriedly finished our designs and creations and began to write our very own letter to Santa. For some of us, it was the first time that we wrote a letter to Santa. Therefore, we had interesting things to ask from Santa for being good Rotaractors throughout the year.

Here goes a glimpse of our creations…
The Winners and Gifts…

Next came the interesting part; presenting the creations of each group. Amid the hilarious comments and friendly critics, the judging panel worked on finding the winners of each category. Our panel of judges consisted of our President Rtr. Anju Cheran, our secretary Rtr. Amali Nimaya and Rtr. Dulaj Dilshan.

All the designs and the decorations were artistic and brought the colors and spirit of Christmas to that evening. But, as promised, the best decorators were crowned as the winners and they received tiny but valuable gifts from Santa (Reloads!!, one of the best gifts in an era of social distancing). You can see the beauty of all our Christmas decorations from the following link.

Where there is lust and suffering, let us sow sharing, hope and love…

Indeed, everything was fun and we loved to read and cheer the letters we wrote to Santa. Among all the wishes we wrote, the first and foremost wish we desired is a World free from Covid-19. And still, we count on that hope by being good social workers who nurture the world.

By Rtr. Odatha Bandara.

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