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Life of snake rescuer

The reptile keeping hobby is not as well developed as keeping dogs or cats. Recently I met an amazing person who rescue snakes from all over the country who is like a guardian for serpents. From his childhood take care on serpents is one of his main hobbies in life. Even his room is a room for around 15 serpents as well.

You might think why I’m calling this person an amazing…

Yes, he is amazing. He sacrifices his time and money for this great volunteer service which most of the people will absolutely rejects or scared.

What Exactly is the Role of a Rescuer?

A rescuer is a person who rescues something from harm or danger. In our case, we look at this from both, the human’s and the animal’s perspective. Snakes do strike fear in people’s minds and with good reason. A large number of people die of snakebite every year and as a result, snakes are killed on sight.

In this case both man and animal are losers. Our idea of a rescuer is a person who resolves this issue. We do this by educating people and helping them understand the animal and ways to avoid a conflict situation. This is done by involving local people in our project and helping them understand the significance of snakes in the ecosystem and the benefits that farmers get by having snakes around.

So, I met this amazing person for a donation of storage boxes for serpents.

Why storage boxes for snakes?

As the plastic storage boxes can make a good environment for the serpents, the snake rescuers are recommended to keep the snakes in these containers. The problem is with the current prevailing situation of the country the prices of the storage containers are not affordable for the snake rescuers. The no of snake rescues is around 20 per month. Handling everything with relate to that is difficult for them to achieve as they are also a part of a worthy cause to the environment. And the behavior of large snakes becomes a threat to the little snakes as well.

Pros of Keeping Reptiles in Plastic Bins:

Sanitary. The plastic tubs are very easy to clean and great for getting animals through quarantine periods or illness.

Cheaper than buying multiple tanks or reptile cages for growing snakes or lizards.

Good at keeping humidity levels up.

Education – This is the Most Crucial Part of Every Rescue.

On-site awareness programs are conducted to help people understand the ecology of the snake. This is usually done after each rescue. Education material is also provided to all present. The main aim of this is to facilitate people to coexist with snakes.

Well this might be interesting for snake lovers and might be another horror dream for some other.

Happy reading !

Penned By: Rtr. Dilina Kosgoda

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