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SpeakUp – Platform for Public Speaking

This project was to give an opportunity for the club members to do to enhance their public speaking skills by doing speeches or presentations on specific topics during monthly meetings. This was also conducted during joint meetings and in all the proceedings, this was followed a a first item on the agenda. The audience on Zoom ranged from 30 to 50.participants online.

As many as 12 speakers had the opportunity to be a speaker during the session as this was held in the monthly meetings. Speakers spoke for a range of 5 to 15 minutes on topics that are personal to them in their Rotaract journey or other educational topics such as leadership, climate action, covid prevention, etc. As this was happening on a cycle, members had an idea to speak up on diverse topics and therefore, were able to make it an educational session for the other participants while also giving the chance to the speaker to express their ideas in a way of improving their public speaking. Additionally, a summarised post on tips to improve public speaking was shared on Facebook, in the month of May. Overall, the project was successful in building confidence in speakers to continue this project which a new speaker every week and creating a friendly environment to speak up on what they are passionate about.

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Penned By: Rtr. Akhila Senevirathne

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