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The gift of blood is a gift to someone’s life

“Suwa Arana 22.2” blood donation camp, organized by Rotaract Alumni Mora, was successfully held on the 19th November 2022 at Sri Wijayarama Viharaya, Piliyandala premises in collaboration with Siri Wangeesa Dhamma School.

The objective of this humanitarian act was to fulfill the urgent blood requirement in the country. In the initial stage of the project, we were requested by the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) regarding the requirement of conducting the blood donation camp. Once we got the approval we started with finalizing the venue and fulfillment of other requirements including ventilation followed by requesting space arrangement and refreshments.

Parallelly the club members started the PR campaign through flyers to inform the general public about the project. The flyers were designed to precisely inform the details of the project so there would be maximum participation from many blood donors. The main poster campaign was guided by Ven. Kadurupokune Dhammaloka Thero and the villagers 4 days before the donation day. The countdown flyers were started 5 days before the fixed date through social media campaigns to raise awareness among the general public, club members, volunteers and donors. The donors were mainly informed by sending direct messages including a short notice regarding the blood donation camp to get involved with the process.

To make the general public know of the successful donors and donations, the club prepared an informative poster flyer including the requirements to fulfill as a successful blood donor to maximize the successful donation rate during the blood donation camp.

Before the donation day the club members, volunteers and villagers participated in the location clean-ups and the set-up arrangements. The donation day final set-up was done by the Blood bank members according to the requirements.

Officially the donation camp was started with the rituals dedicated towards Lord Buddha which was carried out by the Kadurupokune Dhammaloka Thero. The participation for the donation was registered by the club members and involvement of the Siri Wangeesa Dhamma School students. All the refreshments were given by the Temple and the involvement of the villagers.

Throughout the donation camp all the club members, volunteers, villagers, teachers and students were engaged with the event by providing immense support to carry out the donation process in a smooth manner. Finally, the club was able to successfully conclude the donation camp by around 4.00 p.m.

“Thank you for joining with us and being “O” positive!”

The Suwa Arana 22.2 blood donation campaign ended up being a huge success and was able to have 103 successful donations from 140+ registrations with the help of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS). It was such a splendid event which created a path to showcase the shining human qualities of our community and the people.

We should extend our special thanks to Kadurupokune Dhammaloka Thero, teachers, parents and students of Siri Wangeesa Dhamma School for their immense support to have a successful blood donation campaign. Moreover, the service of the medical staff of the NBTS and the Blood Bank also needs to be mentioned admirably.

Finally, we want to especially appreciate the selfless endeavors of all the blood donors who participated in the camp and who were the main individuals that made this project successfully conclude. Their gift of life is a worthy commitment to maintaining the national blood reserves. As the chairperson of this beautiful project, I would finally like to Thank all the Donors, Club members, Volunteers, collaborated parties and everyone involved in this project for their invaluable support of this noble endeavor.

As Rotaractors, we are motivated to carry on serving as coordinators for this deserving cause of preserving lives through voluntarily giving blood.

Article written by,
Rtr.Danushi Suriyarachchi

Edited by,
Co- Editor : Rtr.Jayami Alwis

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