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Mithuru Sulanga (මිතුරු සුළ​ඟ)

“The fellowship of true friends who can hear you out, share your joys, help carry your burdens, and correctly counsel you is priceless.”

The definition of “Mithuru Sulanga” is mainly comprise with friendship, fellowship and entertainment.

Friendships can enrich your life in many ways. Good friends teach you about yourself and challenge you to be better. They encourage you to keep going when times get tough and celebrate your successes with you.

But friends do a lot more than give you a shoulder to cry on; they also have a positive impact on your health. Some research even says friendships are just as important to your well-being as eating right and exercising.

Well, how these kinds of friendships can build?

Mainly it’s from school or university or any other institute.

As most of us from university, we know that university is a great platform to build friendships. But we all were in a virtual environment for the past 2 years. The newbies of university have no idea about the physical existence about the zoom profile pictures because zoom has no ability to give feelings and emotions. That’s the main difference between physical gatherings and virtual gatherings.

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

-Kahlil Gibran

Listening to your favorite music may have more health benefits than you realize. Virtual environment for a life is so stressful as we all know. Without seeing each other, without enjoying it’s too difficult to reduce the stress.

Across time and space, music has had tremendous success as a tool for stress relief. While some types of music such as classical and ambient have long been studied for their calming effects, listening to your personal favorite music of any genre also has benefits.

Thanks for all the support to combine music and friendship to feel more better in lives through Mithuru Sulanga.

Penned by :

Kavinda Senarathne

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Nagenahirata Negam (නැගෙනහිරට නෑගම්)

Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”

-Robert Alan

It’s a project with a different facet, different scope, different fun, and a different attitude.

Project ‘Neganahirata Negam’ is a brand-new joint project of Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa and Rotaract Club of Trincomalee that brought a novel experience to Rotaractors from both clubs through a fellowship visit to Trincomalee. The project was initiated as per an idea that came across from the Club Service team of Rotaract Alumni Mora and thereby came to life with all the collaborative planning with our fellow Rotaractors from
Rotaract Club of Trincomalee.

The first day of the visit is for Joint General Meeting and Food exchange session. This was the first physical Joint General Meeting of the year. I’m so glad to have it at this level. The most important part is their hospitality to us. Their support became a great factor in the success of the projects.

The food exchange session that was also conducted during the day added a splash of excitement for all Rotaractors. The excitement did not just stop there as we were guided by our fellow friends from Rotaract Club for Trincomalee
to visit famous places in the area; Koneshwaram Kovil, Nilawalee Beach, and Hot water springs in Kinniya.

Nagenahirata Nagam was a combination of service with fellowship and most importantly a milestone with a great bond of friendships

Penned by :

Kavinda Senarathne

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Memories from last Christmas – ‘Tis the Season

Deck the halls with boughs of holly.., ‘Tis the season to be jolly…


Is there anything more joyous on Christmas eve than its pre-seasonal Christmas decorations? Christmas decors bring creativity and life to the Christmas tide. Even more, the memories you would still cherish about last Christmas are the gatherings you had with your friends. In addition, when you had the chance to celebrate Christmas eve with your favorite friends even during the glooms of a pandemic isn’t it fascinating? This is all about our fun-filled Christmas gathering at Rotaract Alumni Mora. Of course, we adhered to safety measures and had a virtual celebration!

Virtual Decorations ?!!

Prior to the day, we all were curious about the event with its promotion campaign. “How can we decorate Christmas virtually!! Is it realistic?”. Finally, the day bloomed to thrill the most awaited Christmas event of our club, ‘Tis the Season’. It was another episode of the Let’s Meet project series and was held virtually on the 24th of December as a Christmas decoration competition.

The battle began…

Above all, we were all excited about meeting each other prior to Christmas night. There were a lot of friendly talks, jokes amid the laughter. After everyone joined, the organizers of the event Rtr. Charu Katuwawala and Rtr. Pasindu Nanayakkara guided us about the event. It was all about decorating the glorious Christmas.

some of our participants
Few of our people who added the colors of Christmas to the event

With our newly joined members, ‘Tis the Season event was filled with an enthusiastic crowd. Firstly, we were divided into groups and given four interesting and creative missions to complete. That is, we had to make and decorate a ginger house, a Christmas tree, and a snowman and then write a letter to Santa (we had a lot of wishes to ask for). Then we began our creative battle. Believe me, it was really an exhilarating experience to do online decorations with friends. 

We hurriedly finished our designs and creations and began to write our very own letter to Santa. For some of us, it was the first time that we wrote a letter to Santa. Therefore, we had interesting things to ask from Santa for being good Rotaractors throughout the year.

Here goes a glimpse of our creations…
The Winners and Gifts…

Next came the interesting part; presenting the creations of each group. Amid the hilarious comments and friendly critics, the judging panel worked on finding the winners of each category. Our panel of judges consisted of our President Rtr. Anju Cheran, our secretary Rtr. Amali Nimaya and Rtr. Dulaj Dilshan.

All the designs and the decorations were artistic and brought the colors and spirit of Christmas to that evening. But, as promised, the best decorators were crowned as the winners and they received tiny but valuable gifts from Santa (Reloads!!, one of the best gifts in an era of social distancing). You can see the beauty of all our Christmas decorations from the following link.

Where there is lust and suffering, let us sow sharing, hope and love…

Indeed, everything was fun and we loved to read and cheer the letters we wrote to Santa. Among all the wishes we wrote, the first and foremost wish we desired is a World free from Covid-19. And still, we count on that hope by being good social workers who nurture the world.

By Rtr. Odatha Bandara.

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This time, Let’s Meet go digital – Guess It!, Game ON

We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship, and formed for a family

-Rick Warren

This year, we launched the signature club service project ‘Let’s Meet’ with the aim of strengthening the bond of our own members by allowing them to engage in fun and joyful activities. A good social service always starts with the fellowship of like-minded people. Therefore, ‘Let’s meet’ delivers a collection of events especially focusing on building up a team of Rotaractors who are well determined to carry on their service to the community.

An era of social distancing..

As the COVID -19 pandemic struck the country again, we all had to limit our physical gatherings. Consequently, strict adherence to safety measures becomes more important among all. Hence, we elevated the initially proposed ‘Let’s Meet’ sub-projects to a whole new setup as the safety of our nation always comes first.

Thanks to the technology the service is continued..

While keeping a healthy distance, we refactored and redesigned most of our projects to deliver an effective social service even during the pandemic. Similarly, we added a new color to our ‘Let’s meet’ project series to keep up the mental fitness of our members cherished and bonded. As such, projects ‘Guess It!’ and ‘Game ON’ unfolded virtually through a digital platform for our members to rejoin without violating the safety measures.

Guess It! Night of film buffs..

We, movie fanatics spend sleepless hours watching movies. Have we ever used that knowledge in a contest? . ‘Guess it!’ was a virtual fun quiz woven around the movies that we always love. This most awaited movie trivia happened on 23rd of October with the participation of an enthusiastic crowd. The game consisted of four rounds and failures were penalized by the hangman game. On each round, a team received three movie-related incidents where they had to guess the related movie.  At each time they failed, they got closer to their death penalty!. It was such a colorful night filled with laughter as we all dived into a pool of memories together.

Game ON! Night of challenging gamers…

The second virtual sub-project ‘Game ON’ was successfully held on 28th of November. All the enthusiastic gamers of the club were invited to participate in a virtual gaming session with COD4 and Among Us. While some of our members were jockeying in the virtual battlefield others gathered to support them cheeringly. Meanwhile, we saw the skills and strategies of our talented gamers throughout the session. It was such a blissful evening for all of us as we were able to meet each other heartedly even though we are physically apart.

An effort of spirited rotaractors…

The masterminds behind these two amazing projects were Rtr. Pasindu Nanayakkara and Rtr. Charu Katuwawala. We could not have witnessed an unforgettable memory without the help given by Rtr. Dulaj Dilshan to build the gaming platform for Guess It!.  Rtr. Rahal Hettiarchchi gave an immense contribution to ‘Game ON’ by coordinating our energetic gamers. Above all, our members who participated in the virtual sessions brought the true sense of fellowship which would build up a long-lasting Rotaract journey ahead. 

By Rtr. Odatha Bandara

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“Let’s Meet – Go Healthy” – One step towards a healthier lifestyle

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Let’s Meet – Go Healthy” was yet another effort by the Club Service Team of Rotaract Alumni Mora to encourage our members to lead a more joyous and healthier lifestyle. The members turned up in numbers at the Bellanwila Walking Path, Boralesgamuwa on the evening of 19th of September 2020 from 4.30 pm onwards to witness the 2nd sub-project of the signature project “Let’s Meet”, which was named “Go Healthy”. After spending a few months stuck in endless work-from-home schedules and online lectures this was another chance to meet up and buckle up for a healthy ride!

The healthy evening started with a long jog around the Bellanwila walking path. The members enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area and enjoyed each other’s company while strolling. We were thrilled to welcome Rtr. Gihini from Rotaract Club of UOCFM for the evening jog. It was her debut project participation as a fresh Rotaractor and we hope it would give her motivation to serve in Rotaract in the years to come. The highlight of the project was the phenomenal record set by our President, Rtr. Anju who supposedly completed two laps around the track while the others had only completed one! Some might argue otherwise!

After the jog, it was time to ride bicycles to get the momentum going. The sun has already set by the time we got on bicycles and drove through the chilly Bellanwila wind. Some determined bicycle racers raced fiercely against each other, while some leisurely rode around the path. The experience in the jogging path was not necessarily an extravagant experience but the Rotaractors enjoyed the simplest of joys while laughing at the most childish jokes.

The end of the project was marked by gulping down healthy fresh juice and sharing more thoughts on the day’s happenings. The project was indeed a step towards a healthier lifestyle which uplifted the spirits of the club members and encouraged them to exercise more regularly to lead a quality lifestyle.

By Rtr. Amali Herath

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Awaken your childlike spirit! – ‘Kites – Let’s Meet’

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. ~George Bernard Shaw

Kites‘, was an open event of the signature Club service project, Let’s Meet. Any Rotaractor in the district could drop by, meet us at AlumniMora and have fun flying kites! It was an attempt to take a step back from our hectic schedules and a trip back through the memory lane to our childhoods. The event took place at Galle Face Green, Colombo on the beautiful evening of August 30th 2020 from 3.30 pm onwards.

The Rotaractors at AlumniMora surely had their childish spirits high when they stepped into Gall Face Green. They were awestruck by the colourful kites in different shapes and sizes. They rushed in to choose the ‘best’ kites from the lot because it was so important that their kites flew the furthest up in the sky. The faces of the participants lit up as their kites flew high in the sky. As some of the amateurs were taking ‘how to fly a kite ‘ lessons from the experts, you could occasionally hear playful verbal banter between the ‘professional kite flyers’ on whose kite is flying the highest!

The not-so-friendly kite wars

Our fellow Rotaractors from RAC IIT and RAC UOCArts came to meet us and fly kites! The Rotaractors introduced themselves to each other and had a warm chat as the sun was starting to set on the horizon. The Rotaractors continued their fellowship while flying kites which quickly escalated to a thrilling kite war between RAC IIT vs. RAC Alumni Mora. Let’s say that the evening ended with the winner being undecided…

Bubbles and Isso-wade

No day-out at Galle Face is complete without soapy bubbles and isso-wade. So Rotaract AlumniMora made the day perfect with soapy bubbles swaying in the salty air and hot-hot isso-wade to munch on!

The perfect ending for a perfect evening

The Rotaractors thoroughly enjoyed the evening, made new friends and laid the foundation of friendship which is vital in working together in service for others. The mental relaxation that they gained from this throwback to the childhood will improve their well-being and mental health which will be depicted in the quality of their day-today lives.

As the sun set on the horizon, showcasing a beautiful pink canvas, the Rotaractors bid farewell to each other with the hope of meeting again at the second phase of Let’s Meet.

So, Let’s Meet….. again!!

By Rtr. Amali Herath

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8th Installation Ceremony – Embracing Change with Courage

The 8th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa was held successfully on the 18th July 2020 at the Royal College Union Skills Center, Colombo 07. The event was organized in compliance with COVID-19 health regulations put forward by the Government of Sri Lanka. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Rtn. Paul Harris Fellow, Brian Selvanayagam , the President of the Rotary Club of Colombo West.  Following the traditions of lighting up the oil lamp, installation ceremony officially started with the Rotaract formalities. Co-project Chairperson, Rtr. Charupaba Katuwawela welcomed the gathering on behalf of Co-project Chairperson Rtr. Gevindu Wickramarachchi and encouraged the participants to following all health regulations during the event.

The Secretary’s Report for the year 2019/20 was presented by outgoing secretary of Rotaractor Alumni Mora, Rtr. Shenali Welikala. The service rendered by the club towards the community and it’s members were reminisced in her report. Afterwards,the Immediate Past President, Rtr.Hasitha Prashan was given a heart-warming send off for the immense service rendered to the club during his term, where Rotaract Alumni Mora was awarded with 4 awards at the District Rotaract Assembly 2020. He awarded Certificates of Appreciation to his outgoing Board of Directors for year 2019/20 and thanked them for their commitment.

The passing down of President collar to the newly appointed President Rtr. Anju Cheran marked a new era at Rotaract Alumni Mora. The new President promised to continue and enrich the club’s endeavor by introducing the new theme for year “Embracing Change with Courage”. Afterwards, the new Board of Directors for the year 2020/21 was introduced by the President. 

The event was graced by inspiring congratulatory speeches from,  District Rotaract Chair  – Past DRR Rtn. Rtr. Amjath Yoosuf , District Rotaract Representative –  Rtn. Rtr. PP Kasun Sigera and Rtn. Paul Harris Fellow, Brian Selvanayagam , the President of the Rotary Club of Colombo West.  

The installation ceremony concluded with felicitations from Rotaract district members, past members from Rotaract Alumni Mora and President from Rotaract Mora.

We sincerely thank you all for the well-wishes and encouragement. We look forward to strive together as one while embracing change with courage!

By Rtr. Amali Herath

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Project Reimagine – Visual of Rotaract Song for Rotaract District 3220

The project Reimagine was initiated in the Rotaract year 2019/20 with the aim of recreating the visual of Rotaract Song for Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives to mark the 50 years of Rotaract service in Sri Lanka. The Rotaract song along with the visual is a significant factor to reflect the tremendous service carried out by the Rotaract movement.

This worthy responsibility was taken up into the hands of creative and talented Rotaractors in Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa under the Public Relations avenue. Many fellow Rotaract clubs provided us with their cherished photos taken in many social service events. All these memories were connected to create a novel visual to the Rotaract song by Rtr. Isuru Tharanga and Rtr. Hasitha Umayanga who contributed with their time and energy to design and produce it attractively.

As the final step of the project, the newly created visual was successfully launched at the 30th Rotaract District Assembly on the 4th of July 2020. Since then this new visual along with the Rotaract song has been a significant symbol in every event of Rotaract Movement of 3220 to showcase our proud history of social service.  The video features significant moments of outstanding projects carried out by Rotaract Clubs of District 3220 Sri Lanka Maldives.

It was a great opportunity for our club to remake the Rotaract Song visual on behalf of the whole Rotaract District 3220. We are grateful for the assistance given by fellow Rotaractors with their thoughts and devotions. We believe that this reimagination would deliver the true spirit of the Rotaract Movement and its proud history of service to motivate the young Rotaractors to carry on the Rotaract service.

Video Link:

By Rtr. Odatha Bandara

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Clean and Green is our Perfect Dream

James Fridman, if you know, is a British graphic designer quite well known for doing funny alterations to photos on requests on Instagram or Twitter. Recently, a very good one popped up in my newsfeed, and here you go. You see, he has done it very well.

As much as we all have seen in the news as well, along with the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, the reduced human activity has affected our Earth positively. We are blessed as never before. The air pollution has dropped, the skies are clearer. The Sri Pada is visible to Colombo and the other way around as well! People are reconnecting with nature: we are appreciating our beautiful gardens and spending more time outside the house. (not on the run though, with curfews and that ?) Planting and attending to our home garden is one of our newfound pastimes and it is certainly exhilarating.

Celebrating 50 years of Rotaract in Sri Lanka, the project “Recover” focuses on conducting 50 cleanups within this year throughout the island.  With the Rotary West family, we are happy to have completed “Lassana Werala”, a large scaled beach cleanup to clean the clean the coastal areas from Wellawatta to Mount Lavinia. 

At Rotaract Alumni Mora, our theme for this year is “Strive to save the Earth”. We had numerous projects focusing on creating greenery in our surroundings, and recently had “Haritha Lowak”, a tree-planting challenge in celebration of the Earth Day.

Our signature project “Marathon towards Greenery” consists of three main sub projects namely “Gaga Addara”, “Maga Addara” and “Haritha Paasala”. Through these, we focus on addressing riverbank erosion, bringing back the greenery to the suburbs through tree planting campaigns and on encouraging the younger generation to create greenery in their schools as well as villages. Also, with “Spick and Span”, we were able to successfully complete a beach cleanup in Panadura, encouraging children to be a part of it as well.

We strongly believe that initiatives like these would make Sri Lanka more beautiful and make this country a better and attractive place to live. As Rotaractors, we are proud to be contributing to save the environment for the future generations.

Rtr. Louise Christine

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Rotaract Cook-Off

Have you ever watched “Master Chef”? Such was the experience the team of Cluster 05 wanted to recreate for our energetic Rotaractors in the Rotaract District . After more than three months of planning, the organizing committee was able to make that dream true by pulling off an amazing day while have fun with cooking. 

On the 16th of February Rotaractors from all 10 clubs of the Cluster 05 alongside with Rotaractors from the district gathered at Beach House Bistro in Dehiwala area for a next levelled experience in cooking while celebrating fellowship. Even our friends from Jaffna, Katugastota and Rathnapura participated for this event disregarding distances and travel fatigues and that. The registration started quite early that Sunday morning. All the participants were divided into six groups. These teams consisted of members from different clubs. Therefore, organizers wanted to do some team building games before the cook-off start.

The day was stared with the game “The longest Line” where each team was asked to make the longest line using items that they had with them in that very moment within 5 minutes. This challenge was fun to watch, and participants were creative enough to use shoelaces, belts, shoes and some even decided to take their shirts off. Even though several teams used this clothes trick of extending their line, team Guardian of the Roti triumphed the challenge without needing to do so. (Of course I’m not sharing winning secrets in blogs okay ?).

After this game teams were given several characters to dress up. They were provided with newspapers, toilet paper and cello tape to dress one of their teammates. The teams got around 20 minutes to make these characters. There were some interesting characters like Daphne, Adolf Hitler, Sherlock Holmes and Batman. After dressing up there was a pageant show and everyone else had a great time trying to identify those characters. After that there were several other team building activities like human knot as well.

After lunch final team building activity “Mad Libs” started. There were some interesting word dialogues created randomly. This event flew to the next level because one script accidently (and very innocently) was created with the names Bala and Mano. Our own DRR Krishan Balaji and peer president Rtr. Mano were at the event, hence everyone wanted them to act this script. It was a fun act featuring Inspector Bala with Mano the Suspect. Everyone had had a good laugh with this activity.

Finally, the most awaited segment of the day started. Rtr. Methmini, the main organizer of the event briefed about the cook-off. Each team got the required equipment and ingredients to create “Coconut Roti” and “Lunu Miris”. Teams had to build their own fireplace with bricks and wood. Creating fire with the breezy wind from the Indian Ocean was the biggest challenge for all the teams. Somehow every team manage to overcome it. Even though we had to make “Coconut Roti”, teams were not provided with coconut scrapers. They had to use forks to scrape coconuts and use it make roti. Teams were given one hour to cook and decorate the presentation of roti and lunu miris.

All six teams were able to make a exquisite roti and lunu miris dishes with the given time. Then the tasting and the judging commenced. The judging panel consisted of three experienced food lovers namely DRR Elect Rtr. Kasun, ADRR Rtr. Afraa and District PR Director Rtr. Anjana. Teams presented their amazing dishes to the judges. One team created a soup as well using the ingredients provided. Judges gave their comments to the Rotaract chefs who worked tirelessly to create an amazing Pol Roti. Surprisingly some had their first cooking experience during this event.  

After than Rtr. Haadiya gave a vote of thanks and invited Rtr. Methmini to announce the winners. Finally, Rtr. Methmini announced the winner of the Rotaract Cook off and the Overall Winners. The team Guardians of the Roti able to win the both awards (actually two boxes of chocolates) and we were crowned as the Overall champions of the day.

After taking group pictures and selfies, we all Rotaractors signed off for the day, making new friendships while gaining new experiences.

Rtr. Hasitha Prashan