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Important Days

World Children’s Day!

“Every Child you encounter is a divine appointment”

Famously said by Wes Stafford, the amount of joy, happiness, and wholesomeness a child can give is unmatched by any other thing! A child has a smile with pure happiness and a zero drop of jealousy or hatred; a child would see no difference in colour, race, age, or sex; and a child’s innocence will cure all the problems you’d be having with a sense of purity. These are just a few reasons that we value and celebrate children on the 1st of October; the Children’s day.

It was the day all we wanted to arrive in our school days, it was the day our teachers dressed up for us and entertained us, it was the day we could spend the entire day in the playground without any consequence; and such will be continued for our next generations too!


The idea of celebrating children for a day should not be limited to a single day, but every day, every hour we must support them with their lives, enriching their dreams with proper education, and most importantly being committed to preserve their rights.

Children, regardless their background, achievements and attitude are the pillars of the future. Children who are showing flying colours as well as the children who are falling behind; both of them are needed to be encouraged with our love, our support, and our affection; which will shape them to be outstanding citizens in the future.

Let us join our hands, to make and preserve a better future for our children.

A very happy children’s day to all the pure souls out there! You are our future!

Penned by : Pasan de Silva