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Mitratā – Around Sri Lanka Day 2 & 3

Day 2 of Rtr. Amrit’s visit to Sri Lanka started early in the morning and along with me, he came to Colombo central bus station to catch a bus to Pinnawala. We reached to Pinnawala elephant orphanage around 11.30 am after a tiring journey with heavy traffic. On the way to PinnawalaRtr. Amrit was interested in the coconut trees and since in Nepal coconut is expensive, he wanted to take some trees home. We hurried to the river and were not late to see the elephants bathing in the river. After taking some pictures we came back to the orphanage and see other attractions inside. Then we came back to Karandupana were we had our lunch. 

After lunch we caught a bus to Kandy, unfortunately, we had to stand for some distance. After another one and a half hours of journey, we reached Kandy bus stop. Rtr. Rasho from the Rotaract Club of Kandy and a Nepalese friend of Rtr. Amrit joined us there for the rest of the visit. Then we had a cup of tea and went to KCC for some free time.  Then we walked around the Kandy lake and came to visit the Museum inside the Temple of the Tooth. In the museum, there was a statement called “Lord Buddha was born in India” and Rtr. Amrit was not happy because of this false information. It caused a friendly argument with the workers at the museum, and we came back to visit the Temple of the Tooth. RtrSanira joined us after work. So, all five of us went to Temple of Tooth and after a few hours inside the temple, we came back. 

Rtr. Rasho and Apil (Amrit’s friend) bade goodbye to us after the visit and then we went and buy some tea for Rtr. Amrit to take back to Nepal. Then we went to Helabojun food stall near KCC and took dinner. Unfortunately, we had to skip the visit to Bogambara Park due to heavy rainfall, so we went to our accommodation directly. We waved goodbye to Amrit and came back to Sanira’s boarding to spend the night.  

The third and final day the plan was to visit Nuwara Eliya. Initially, we had planned to catch the train from Kandy to Thalawakele but due to the trade action of SLR, we have to change our plans. So, we picked up Rtr. Amrit at 4.00 AM in the morning to catch a bus from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. After having a cup of tea, we started our journey to Nuwara Eliya, and it was a hard journey for Amrit due to the extra cold misty hills. We reached Haggala botanical garden around 7.30 am. We spent nearly two hours in the garden and Rtr. Amrit was really excited to see so many varieties of flowers and trees in a single area. He really enjoyed the landscapes in the garden. 

After buying some sweets for our homes, we came back to Nuwara Eliya once again. Then we visited our last destination the Gregory Lake Park in Nuwara Eliya. After walking towards the lakeside, we came to a restaurant to have lunch. Then we shot a small video regarding Rtr. Amrit’s journey and came to Nuwara Eliya town to catch a bus to Colombo. We returned to Colombo around 6.00 pm in the evening and then I said goodbye to Amrit after two days of a wonderful experience. 

On the early morning of the next day our International service director RtrSithija dropped Amrit to the Colombo International Airport and the first phase of the project Mitrata ended in a high note where we eagerly waiting for the second phase which is one month away. Rtr. Amrit also invited us all to Nepal and the countdown started for our journey to their beautiful country. 

 By: Rtr. Hasitha Prashan

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Mitratā – Around Sri Lanka Day 1

“Every new friend is a new adventure… The start of more memories”

~ Patrick Lindsay ~

Ever since I set off my Rotaract voyage with Rotaract Mora in 2011, I have been lucky enough to meet a bunch of great friends, mostly from Sri Lanka as well as a few from other nations across the world. The horizons expanded when Rotaract Alumni Mora took a courageous decision to visit Singapore under the project ‘Singaract’ in 2018. Inspired by the success of the project ‘Singaract’, project ‘Mitratā’ was initiated as a successor to follow its footprint. The visit of Rtr. Amrit Subedi, the President-Elect of Rotaract Club of Pokhara, laid the foundation of project Mitratā. 

Amrit landed on the island on the 6th of October. He was warmly welcomed by Vice President of Rotaract Alumni Mora, RtrIsuru Dharmadasa. He was then safely accompanied to the accommodation facility in Wellawatte. 

The journey on 7th October was called to order as early as 4.30 am in the morning. For the first time, I met Amrit in person and he was very generous to serve a cup of coffee early in the morning. We left Wellawatte and reached the Multimodal Centre in Makumbura at around 5.45 am. RtrRusiru Gurusinghe, the Environmental Services Director of Rotaract Alumni Mora joined us at Makumbura.  

Throughout the highway bus ride to Galle, Amrit did not fail to share the details of his family, how he grew up and the political & educational status of Nepal. He went on to express his passion for cricket, especially his love for Lasith Malinga. It did not take us long to realize what a good speaker he is! 

We reached Galle at around 7.30 am. Breakfast was an utmost priority before starting the day’s proceedings. For the first time, Amrit was introduced to milk-rice & string hoppers, along with dhal and a spicy kochchimiris sambol. He enjoyed the newly introduced food very much, which was evident from his face (not to mention the tears that came out due to the spiciness) 

The first destination for the day was the Japanese Peace Pagoda in Rumassala. The ride uphill Rumassala in a tuk-tuk was a novel experience for Amrit, as Nepal does not possess the type of tuk-tuks available on the island. To our utmost relief, tranquility prevailed at peace pagoda, which is generally crowded with people on weekends. The site provided a magnificent view of the Galle harbor and the Dutch Fort. Not only Amrit, but we too were mesmerized by the breathtaking view of sunbathing Galle.  

We then arrived at the jungle beach. The calm waters on a sunny morning were inviting us to take a dip in the shallow shores. Eventually, that invitation was so irresistible that all three of us decided to take a sea bath. It was a first time experience for Amrit with the sea and he was overwhelmed with the experience to an extent that it was hard for us to take him out from the sea. The sea bath followed a tasty sip of king coconut and we were ready for the heat of noon! 

As the noon welcomed the morning, we reached the iconic Dutch Fort of Galle. The climb to the top of the rampart gave a clear view of a first-class match played at the Galle International Cricket Stadium, which Amrit enjoyed with passion. He went on to mention how much he would love to meet Lasith Malinga in person and how much he was inspired by Slinga’s IPL heroics. 

Amrit was introduced to the historic buildings inside the Fort and was explained how the colonial architectural style has later influenced the local architecture. The walk along the rampart up to the lighthouse provided a mesmerizing view of the Indian ocean. 

After a sumptuous lunch with Indian cuisine, we returned to the bus station and got into a bus that took the route along the coastal belt, back to Colombo. 

As the evening reached its conclusion, we reached Colombo to attend the joint meeting. The meeting was followed by a fellowship dinner. I wished Amrit a safe journey on the remaining days of the tour and parted with the intention of meeting him again when we visit Nepal under the next phase of project Mitrata. It is my sincere wish that I see this vociferous friend once again, in the cool climes of Pokhara! 

By: Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon 

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The Chronicle – Issue 2

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I am Human Too Phase 1.0

A day to remember, the woman who gave your life. A day to remember, the woman who stood by your side. A day to remember, the woman who gave you wisdom. A day to remember, the woman you showed gratitude by breaking her bones and heart.

Yes, it’s the day we all remember to say NO to violence against woman! The day we all remember to look around and notice for the very first time the women who suffer. However, it is not just on 25th of November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women we should try to pay our attention to this grave social issue.

Women are subjected to domestic violence in many forms including intimate partner violence (battering, psychological abuse, marital rape, femicide), sexual violence and harassment (rape, forced sexual acts, unwanted sexual advances, child sexual abuse, forced marriage, street harassment, stalking, cyber- harassment), human trafficking (slavery, sexual exploitation), female genital mutilation, child marriage and showing cruelty to elderly women.

Project I Am Human Too 1.0 was conducted as an International Service Initiative with the aim to raise awareness that women are subjected to violence worldwide. The objectives were to bring it to the attention of the public to focus on the gravity of this issue and the importance of abiding by the Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10 to leave no one behind.

Therefore, we asked worldwide Rotaractors to share a write-up of a true story about a women who suffered any form of violence or an inspirational story.

The project concluded on 25th of November 2018 which is the day designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the day to eliminate all forms of violence against women. The participants were appreciated with certificates and the stories collected were shared via social media.

On 22nd of November 2018, Rotaract Club of New Bombay (RID 3142) also joined hands with the project to help support the cause.

Hereby the readers of the blog will get to read the heart touching true stories shred by the fellow Rotaractors worldwide. Some of them are personal stories while the others are stories that will clench your heart in a way you would never expect.

Dear reader,

If you have ever shown violence to a woman and if you are doing so today, it is high time to put a pause. Most importantly if you are a women who is currently being subjected to any form of violence, please reach out to us. We are willing to provide you help.

Treat her with love and respect every day. Because “She is Human Too”.

By Rtr. Shenali Welikala

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Singaract – HPHP Carnival Day

“Project “Singaract” could not have had a better start than this”

I thought to myself as I glanced at the random sights of happiness in front of me: a hundred elders lovingly attended to by Rotaractors, Vindula meeting a new friend from Singapore, Tharindu (commonly referred to as Podda) learning how to iron a Pyssla bead creation, Dulanji teaching an elderly Singapore lady to create a pretty rose from a handkerchief, a classical Indian music performance entertaining us all…

All of this (and more) was at HPHP Carnival Day 2018, a collaboration of Rotaract Club of NUS with Happy People Helping People Foundation. They brought 100 elderly box collectors to College of Alice & Peter Tan, National University of Singapore on 24th March 2018 for a fun-filled day of performances & activities. Coming from a country which highly values love & respect for elderly, this was a good opportunity for us Rotaractors to share our caring attitudes while making good friends in Rotaract overseas. It also provided us more understanding of the social issues faced by Singapore and how the Rotaractors are working to alleviate those issues.

Overall, the project contributed to the Rotary focus areas of “Peace and conflict prevention/resolution” and “Economic and community development” and to the SDG 01 (No poverty), 08 (Decent work and economic growth) and 17 (partnership for goals). We are thankful to Loraine Choo, Rachel Lau and everyone at Rotaract Club of NUS for letting us join in a worthy cause! Meeting Firdaus Azimi, International Service Chair of District 3310 (Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore), who helped us a lot to organize Project Singaract, made the event more special.

Album: Flickr

By Rtr. Rochelle Silva

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Twin Club Agreement Signing

Sunday, 20th May 2018… It was not a normal Sunday which I could sleep an extra hour to enjoy the warmth of bed. I had a quick breakfast and left my residence in Simei, eastern Singapore.  I reached City Hall MRT station using the East-West line and transferred to North-South line with the intention of reaching Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. I had to wait for Ridwan at Dhoby Ghaut and once he arrived, together we proceeded for what was a historic landmark in the Rotaract Alumni Mora history.

In last March, a delegation from Rotaract Alumni Mora visited Singapore for an International Service project. Singaract was an International Service project, spanning across for five days during which ten members from Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa engaged in community service with Rotaractors from Singapore and experienced Singaporean Culture. The project consisted of three sub-projects titled ‘HPHP Carnival Day’, ‘Exploract’ and ‘友谊 (Yǒuyì)’. With the mutual friendship that was built after the project Yǒuyì, the Rotaract Clubs of Alumni of University of Moratuwa and Nanyang Technological University had decided to go an extra mile. They made a decision to sign a twin club agreement with each other!

We reached Coffee bean and Tealeaf at Plaza Singapura after a few minutes of walk.  District Rotaract Representative of RID3310, Rtr. Rytha Lew was waiting for us. We greeted each other and waited for Rtr. Wen Sheng, who is the Vice-President of Rotaract Club of NTU.  After his arrival, we joined our colleagues from Sri Lanka and Rtr. Jesse Raj (President of Rotaract Club of NTU) from India, who were witnessing the historic moment through Skype. Rtr. Rytha and Rtr. Wen signed the agreement amidst the warm applause from our contingent joining from overseas.

Then it was time for a brief chat on Rotaract and the differences in districts 3310 and 3220. The strength of membership, district events, the structure of the district and the election process of office bearers were some of the key subjects that were taken into discussion.

After an hour of discussion, we decided to part as the rain clouds were looming over the skies, telling us ‘it is the time to leave’. At the departure, it was our president Himantha’s words that came to my mind:

“When the concept of a service trip to Singapore was born in January 2018, we did not have a clue about what was on offer. But now the situation is different, where we have found a TWIN in the land of the Merlion. I sincerely hope that our friendship would strive to breach tougher boundaries. Let us work together to create a better world for the life on earth.”


By Rtr. Ishara Paranawithana

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Rotaractors for Global Goals

A single click can speak a thousand words. Photography has become the universal language. It is so easy to express yourself through a photograph transcending the language barriers.

Rotaractors for Global Goals focused on showcasing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in a pictographic point of view and also celebrated how 50 years of Rotaract contributed to make the world a better place.

The project was for any Rotaract Club (local or international) to submit a photo related to one of their projects which addresses a UN SDG(s). The winning clubs of the competition (in no particular order) were as follows.

  •       Rotaract Technopole El Ghazela (District 9010)
  •       Rotaract Club of World Bank Exclusive CB (RID 9142)
  •       Rotaract Club Of K V Pendharkar College (RID 3142)
  •       Rotaract Club of Halifax (RID 7820)
  •       Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya (RID 3220)
  •       Rotaract Agadir Founty (District 9010)
  •       Rotaract Club of Zenith (District 3232)
  •       Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School (District 3220)
  •       Rotaract Club of eClub of Greater Nigeria (District 9125)
  •       Rotaract club of Michael Okpara University Umudike (District 9142)
  •       Rotaract Club of University Of Moratuwa (RID 3220)
  •       Rotaract Club of Saraswati College (RID 3142)

The participants of the top 12 photos were awarded with certificates as an appreciation for the effective service they have done inline with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The photos of the winners will be featured on the Rotaract calendar ( in the incoming Rotaract year (2018/19).


By Rtr.  Dasuni Samarakoon

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Joint Bulletin 2017/2018

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Joint Bulletin 2017/2018″]

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Memories of Project “YouYi”

In January 2018, I found myself in a challenging situation: in three months’ time, I would have to travel to Singapore for a research conference. However, I didn’t have a clue about travelling outside my homeland. To begin with, I didn’t even possess a passport. It was during this whirlwind of decisions that I decided to reach out to the Rotaractors in Singapore.

Within few days of posting in the “Rotaract Couch” I had found an amazing group of people who not only provided me with tips for travelling within Singapore, places to visit and accommodation, but also suggested that we meet up to strengthen the fellowship between the countries.

Thus, on 23rd of March, I boarded the very first flight in my life knowing that there would be a bunch of like minded individuals waiting on the other end. To add to the fun, a group of nine fellow members of Rotaract Alumni Mora were joining me; seven travelling to Singapore from Sri Lanka and two residing in Singapore!  

After the hustle and bustle of four full days in Singapore which consisted of the Project HPHP Carnival with Rotaract Club of NUS and Project Exploract (which would be covered in detail in future blog posts), we were invited to a dinner courtesy of the Rotaract Club of Nanyang Technological University.

As we made our way to NTU, the skies had grown dark and rain was looming on the horizon. However, seeing the welcoming smiles of the President of the Rotaract Club of NTU, Rtr. Jesse Raj, and his members, brightened the evening.

Being 11th in the world university rankings and also among the most beautiful and sustainable campuses globally, Nanyang Technological University is a dream destination for any scholar. My fellow Rotaractors and I had the unique privilege of receiving a guided tour of this premier University thanks to our hosts for the day. We didn’t forget to take a photograph with the Club and District banners at “The Hive”.

After the tour, it was time for the most awaited segment: food and fellowship. Over a yummy meal of Malaysian rice and curry, we discussed a variety of topics including Rotaract projects, current issues and how we can tackle them as Rotaractors. The fellowship was made even more special when DRR Rytha Lew, IPDRR Zen Tan and Rtn. Mok Shao Xian joined us in the conversations with their years of experience in Rotaract.

As the evening came to a close, “Mun kevum” from Sri Lanka were exchanged with “Gourmet salted egg yolk” from Singapore, and tokens representing Sri Lankan cultural heritage were exchanged with pin-on badges from RID 3310. A letter of gratitude bearing our logos was presented to Rtr. Jesse as a gesture of goodwill. We bid adieu to our beloved friends with the hope of meeting them in the near future for more exciting projects.

By Rtr. Rochelle Silva 

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Singaract- Exploract

DRR of the Rotaract International District (RID) 3310 Rtr. Rytha Lew met the Rotaractors from Rotaract Alumni Mora on the third day of the tour Singract, which was 25th March 2018. She warmly welcomed the group by her pleasant smile. We met Rtr. Rytha at the Bugis junction and started getting to know each other while wandering around the Bugis Street. As she mentioned, this market has just about everything that any tourists can afford – Souvenirs, t-shirts, shoes, bags, jewelry, knick-knacks and other fashion items for lower prices compared to other shopping malls in Singapore. She showed us some good places to buy electronic devices, sweets, chocolates, t-shirts, and souvenirs and instructed us about some other places for shopping.

After a while, we went for a tea and we tasted different flavored Thai Iced Milk tea. It was a new experience for us and few of us were struggling with some of the local tea flavors. While having our tea, Rtr. Rytha explained about the Singapore culture, education, economy, politics, and lifestyles. We let her know about Sri Lanka’s. Since Rytha had never been to Sri Lanka, she was amazed by our explanation about the natural beauty in our country. We invited her to visit Sri Lanka. Later we exchanged our experiences about each Rotaract district and the way how we contribute to the society with Rotaract. After the tea time discussion, we exchanged souvenirs and a letterhead, symbolizing after meetup. Then we again started roaming around streets to feel the local experience in Singapore.

At the end the Singract- exploract, we said goodbye to Rytha Lew with the hope of meeting her next day at the farewell courtesy of the Rotaract club of NTU (Nanyang Technological University).

By Rtr. Dulanji Nikethani