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Memories of painting the shades of Earth…

“That was the moment I knew these people are gonna be my Rotaract besties”

This comment from one of my Rotaract besties made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside today.

The “moment” was from “Emergence ‘17”, the training program for the Board of Directors of Rotaract Alumni Mora 2017/18. We had been asked to write down a list of our strengths. With diverse strengths such as martial arts, punctuality (?), driving skills (??), stand-up comedy, gym skills (???) etc, it seemed that no team could ever match us. Indeed, we turned out to be the team which won everybody’s heart (but not the gold ???). It is just one of the sweet memories of a year which flew by.

It has been quite a while since the Immediate Past President of Rotaract Alumni Mora, Rtr. Himantha, asked me whether I would like to write a feature article for the blog about my memories of last year. Somehow the task simply eluded me; simply because there were so many memories worth recounting and condensing them to a single article was a challenge.

It was a journey of encountering different personalities. When I was called upon to serve as “Director- International Service” somewhere in early 2017, I barely knew my fellow board members, let alone Rotaractors from other countries. Thanks to the numerous events, after-parties and never-ending Messenger chats, my friend list has grown in leaps and bounds.  

It was a journey of creating memories. I will remember how I tried to communicate with an elderly Singaporean lady at a charity project organized by Rotaract Club of National University of Singapore. She didn’t know Sinhalese. I didn’t know Chinese (Duolingo isn’t exactly helpful with a native speaker). English wasn’t an option either. But we managed to communicate… I will remember how one little girl at a Children’s Home wanted me to hold her in my arms forever. It broke my heart to leave her; but I will always be reminded that there are so many less fortunate individuals who need our help. I will remember how one random Rotaractor asked me to dance at the Rotaract Ball. Having never been asked to dance before, I think I turned out to be a horrible dancing partner. Yet, it taught me the beauty of Rotaract camaraderie.  

It was a journey of painting the shades of Earth. Whether it was by planting a tree or striking up a twin club partnership, we contributed in our own way to a sustainable Earth. The journey was by no means easy. Yet it was worth the effort.

At the end of the day, the Rotaract year 2017/18 wasn’t about being “The Rotaractor of the Third Quarter of RID 3220” or a “Spirit of Service of RID 3220”. It wasn’t about winning the “Most Outstanding International Service Project (Gold award) or the Most Outstanding Special Project for Rotaract Golden Jubilee Celebrations (Silver award) for projects which were in the avenue I worked for. It wasn’t about being a member of a club which was one of the “Most Outstanding Clubs”. It was about the personalities I encountered, the memories we made, the hearts we touched, the spirit we maintained at Rotaract Alumni Mora family and the shades of Earth we managed to paint.

By Rtr. Rochelle Silva

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Run for their Lives 2017

Run For Their Lives (RFTL) is an annual charity run organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown with the aim of raising funds for the Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. The primary objective is to make cancer awareness while enabling a platform for the public to contribute donations for those who have become victims of Cancer. Inaugurated in 2010 with the motto ‘No one fights Alone’, the eighth consecutive run took place on 10th of December 2017.

RFTL 2017 featured a 5.7 km course, which kick-started from the Racecourse, traversed through Reid Avenue, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Independence Avenue, Vidya Mawatha, Wijerama Mawatha, Maitland Crescent and returned to the starting point. In total, RFTL 2017 managed to raise a sum of Rs. 6,000,077 in aid of the Apeksha Hospital Maharagama.

More photographs: flicker

By Rtr. Himantha Alahakoon

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Rotaractors for Global Goals

A single click can speak a thousand words. Photography has become the universal language. It is so easy to express yourself through a photograph transcending the language barriers.

Rotaractors for Global Goals focused on showcasing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in a pictographic point of view and also celebrated how 50 years of Rotaract contributed to make the world a better place.

The project was for any Rotaract Club (local or international) to submit a photo related to one of their projects which addresses a UN SDG(s). The winning clubs of the competition (in no particular order) were as follows.

  •       Rotaract Technopole El Ghazela (District 9010)
  •       Rotaract Club of World Bank Exclusive CB (RID 9142)
  •       Rotaract Club Of K V Pendharkar College (RID 3142)
  •       Rotaract Club of Halifax (RID 7820)
  •       Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya (RID 3220)
  •       Rotaract Agadir Founty (District 9010)
  •       Rotaract Club of Zenith (District 3232)
  •       Rotaract Club of Achievers Lanka Business School (District 3220)
  •       Rotaract Club of eClub of Greater Nigeria (District 9125)
  •       Rotaract club of Michael Okpara University Umudike (District 9142)
  •       Rotaract Club of University Of Moratuwa (RID 3220)
  •       Rotaract Club of Saraswati College (RID 3142)

The participants of the top 12 photos were awarded with certificates as an appreciation for the effective service they have done inline with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The photos of the winners will be featured on the Rotaract calendar ( in the incoming Rotaract year (2018/19).


By Rtr.  Dasuni Samarakoon