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Get Hired

‘Get Hired’ is a novel initiative of Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa with the intention of providing insights on different industries for the third-year undergraduates of the Faculty of Engineering of University of Moratuwa, prior to the commencement of their internship programme.

On 2nd of May 2018, the first ever session of ‘Get Hired’ was conducted for University of Moratuwa – Engineering Batch ’15. The session was enlightened with the enthusiastic participation and support from the past Rotaractors, who shared their experiences in various industry sectors at different positions. The underlying purpose of this was to give a clear understanding to undergraduates on how to select an appropriate corporate for their internship placements.


The discussion was carried out by grouping the participants according to their field of specialization. Each group was mentored by a Rotaractor who has experience in that specific specialization. Available career paths in a particular specialization, factors to consider when selecting a training place, recommended training places, notes on preparing a CV, experiences on facing interviews, areas to focus during internship period, work ethic during internship, relationship with training supervisor, research opportunities available in different specializations were some of the key topics that were taken into discussion.

Alumni Rotaractors passed down advises to the participants, while guiding them on how to build their career paths.  Though it was an evening of professional guidance, the session catered to build fellowship among the university Rotaractors and alumni Rotaractors as well.


By Rtr. Hiruni Bandara