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Let us defeat COVID together – ‘Diary in a Pandemic’

Facing the Coronavirus, we must cultivate the best of ourselves and rely on science and education, verify any information and share knowledge.

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director – General

“Diary in a Pandemic” is a sub-project of Rotaract Alumni Mora’s initiative, ‘ Battle with Pandemic’. Our International Service avenue proudly delivered the project in collaboration with fellow international Rotaract clubs. The aim of the project was to give an insight into different strategies adopted by different nations to stand against the COVID – 19 global pandemic. We believe that the insight we gained would help nations to reshape their own strategies for effective survival amid the pandemic.

Firstly, we sent invitations to our fellow Rotaract Clubs including the project details. We kindly invited them to collaborate with the project by preparing a video documentary that captures the effect of COVID- 19 on their lives and most importantly their survival stories.  Subsequently, we published the first video of the series on the 17th of September 2020 featuring the pandemic story of Malaysia. The final video was about how Sri Lankans battle against the global pandemic.

Here we turn the pages of ‘Diary in a Pandemic’ …


The first page of the “Diary in Pandemic”  was dedicated to Malaysia and we published it on 17th September 2020. Especially, we convey our thanks to Rtr. Kasturi Leoh Linggam of Rotaract Club of Manipal International University for raising her voice across the globe by giving a fresh start to the project.


On the 27th of September 2020, we turned another page of our diary which was about the pandemic story of Canada. Rtr. Josh Fisher, President of Rotaract Club of Kelowna aptly expressed his COVID-19 experience. Their incorporation of state-of-the-art digital mechanisms for emergent communications during the pandemic is worthy to consider.


Cambodia, a developing country splendid with its own heritage stands against the pandemic being an exemplary nation for others. Therefore, the third video added to the diary was from Cambodia. Rtr. Em Chornai from Rotaract Club of Battambang Youth openly described the COVID-19 status there adding some voice cuts from local people as well.


Turning another page, we published the pandemic story of Nepal on 18th October 2020 which was presented by Rtr. Nikita Luitel from Rotaract Club of Kathmandu. She emotionally requested to adapt to the new normal with the hope of surviving the pandemic together by staying apart.


As a leading country in the world, the COVID-19 story of the USA was shared in the diary on 29th October 2020. It was a collective effort of Rotaractors of Oakland Community Rotaract led by its president, Rtr. Brooks. Evidently, it presented the consequences of not taking the threat of this outbreak seriously. They proudly noted the importance of social service carried out by the Rotarians, Rotaractors, and other Grassroots organizations for those in need in a background of social dilemmas.


Certainly, the need of addressing the issues of medical illiteracy, informal jobs, the digital divide, and the gaps between social status is crucial in a pandemic situation. This necessity is highly showcased by the page dedicated to Peru. The video, presented by the Rtr. Jose Plasencia from Rotaract Club of Lima was on the air since 11th November 2020.

Sri Lanka

As a small island in South Asia, Sri Lanka battles with the pandemic effectively but with limited resources. The free health sector plays a major role in Sri Lankan Covid response. Rtr. Shenali Welikala of Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa raised her voice on behalf of Sri Lanka on 17th January 2021. She pointed out how she used this time to achieve her life goals by facing the challenge positively. Moreover, she conveyed the importance of little preventive efforts that would save our loved ones. All and all as she said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

A collective effort of Rotaractors across the globe…

Finally, it needs to remember all the amazing souls behind the successful completion of ‘ Diary in a Pandemic’. Undoubtedly, we would not be able to flip the pages of ‘ Diary in a Pandemic’ without our fellow Rotaractors. They were humble enough to send us their survival stories dedicating their valuable time and effort. Among all, members of our International Service Avenue did a great job from idea generation to coordination throughout this project.

A diary to reshape the future…

In conclusion, ‘Diary in a Pandemic’ brought the survival stories of nations during this global pandemic. It is about how they battle through this adversity, it is to honor the front-line heroes and it is all about our homes and families that keep us safe. In general, humans have the tendency to forget everything easily. Therefore, we believe that our collective effort of archiving our survival stories would be a guiding light not only for now, but also to prevent future adversities as well.

Content By : Rtr. Sahan Wickramage

Written By : Rtr. Odatha Bandara