University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka.

+94 713 826 109

Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa is well known for its legacy of continuing their services as a community based Rotaract Club that has been active since 2013 sponsored by Rotaract Club of Colombo West. In their legendary beginning which initially comprised of 20 members, aiming to give the privilege for the graduates who leave the University of Moratuwa made its initiation to keep continuing their kind and amazing services even after with the Rotaract movement by joining Alumni Mora.

Since then the final year undergraduates and graduates who has been keen on the Rotaract movement and their wide range of volunteering services have joined and keep joining the club which now exceeds more than 100 significant and capable Rotaractors who are well known for their excellence in volunteerism, skills and professionalism.

under its avenues of service; which are Club Service, Community Service, Environmental Service, International Service, Professional Development and Sports, many outstanding and distinguished projects have been carried put by the club members. Among such significant projects include “Kindred Kidneys”, a project aimed towards supporting communities suffering owing to Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka, “Share the Joy”, a Club Service and Community Service-based initiative to celebrate members’ birthdays fruitfully by helping the community, “Sathkara”, a Community Service initiative aimed in addressing issues of the community, “Together as One”, an initiative for bringing out the existing issues of the communities as one fraternity with fellow Rotaract Clubs, “Marathon towards Greenery”, a series of projects aimed at conserving the environment aligning with the “Going Green” concept, “Mitrata”, International Service initiative with Rotaract Clubs in Nepal (RID 3292), “Debractor”, a series of friendly debates with fellow Rotaractors from across the globe and “Let’s Meet”, a series of thematic projects aimed in developing fellowship among the club members and “DIYer” which enhances the knowledge of day to day skills and needs which provide individuals to work on their own daily chores and other Do-it-Yourself activities.

In many occasions, their efforts of fruitful service and remarkable results of the projects have been recognized and thus been rewarded and praised along with the club earning many awards for their excellence in thriving towards a viable and an exemplary community. Gold award for the Most Outstanding International Service Project for projects “Singaract” (2017-18),  Mitrata (2019-20) and Battle with Pandemic (2020-21), Gold award for the Most Outstanding Community Service Initiative (Disease Prevention and Treatment) for project Kindred Kidneys (2019-20) along with recognitions in several avenues of service (add more) at numerous Rotaract District Assemblies include some of the awards the club has been specially recognized for. The most outstanding president and secretary along with their members being recognized for their service as a dedicated member are some of the awards to prove their interests and passion as young change makers. Hence receiving several other awards recognizing their District citation, silver award as the most supportive club of the year, most outstanding public image initiative, international service initiative etc. has led its confirmation as a club capable of contributing their society. The Volunteering Appreciation Award for volunteer commitments for Sri Lankan Kidney patients awarded by the Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients’ Association at the Annual Social Welfare Function 2019 for the project Kindred Kidneys has been one of the many special moments in the club allowing to witness their greatness as an actively involving club for their communities and the society. The praise and the appreciation of all these awards are mainly due to their hard work and effort they have given continuously as passionate and keen members including the official board members and the general members in the club.

While keeping up with their professionalism and quality footprint as a distinguished club, the club is finally entering their 10th year to continue their signature journey in the Rotaract expedition.

Under the leadership of Rtr. Ayesh Weerasinghe, “Thriving towards Excellence through Fellowship ” of the club with a clear and an insightful vision to be aspiring and inspiring leaders, change makers and actionable individuals formed as a group to create an empathetic, empowering and a sustainable community will be witnessed by all of us in the near future. Let us wish all the members of the club to keep reaching greater heights as an exemplary club.