University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka.

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Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa, chartered in 2013, is a community-based Rotaract Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Colombo West. The club currently holds a member base of over 100 members comprising graduates and final year undergraduates of University of Moratuwa.

With only 20 members at its initiation, the club was formed with the initial objective of paving the path for individuals taking leave from the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa to continue their service in the Rotaract movement. Yet over the years, the club has opened up opportunities for a multitude of graduates and final year undergraduates of the university who look forward to serving the community and exploring their capabilities while serving society alongside their career paths. Thus, currently, the club thrives with a passionate set of youth with diverse talents in diverse fields coming together from around the island to serve the communities within and beyond our borders.

Over the years, Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa has taken up many initiatives which have won the heart and support of many under its avenues of service; Club Service, Community Service, Environmental Service, International Service, Professional Development and Sports. The signature projects conducted by the club over the past years include “Kindred Kidneys”, a project aimed towards supporting communities suffering owing to Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka, “Share the Joy”, a Club Service and Community Service-based initiative to celebrate members’ birthdays fruitfully by helping the community, “Sathkara”, a Community Service initiative aimed in addressing issues of the community, “Together as One”, an initiative for bringing out the existing issues of the communities as one fraternity with fellow Rotaract Clubs, “Marathon towards Greenery”, a series of projects aimed at conserving the environment aligning with the “Going Green” concept, “Mitrata”, International Service initiative with Rotaract Clubs in Nepal (RID 3292), “Debractor”, a series of friendly debates with fellow Rotaractors from across the globe and “Let’s Meet”, a series of thematic projects aimed in developing fellowship among the club members. 

Many of these novel efforts have been acknowledged for their impact and service on numerous occasions. A few of these accolades include Gold award for the Most Outstanding International Service Project for projects “Singaract” (2017-18),  Mitrata (2019-20) and Battle with Pandemic (2020-21), Gold award for the Most Outstanding Community Service Initiative (Disease Prevention and Treatment) for project Kindred Kidneys (2019-20) along with recognitions in several avenues of service at numerous Rotaract District Assemblies. The Volunteering Appreciation Award for volunteer commitments for Sri Lankan Kidney patients awarded by the Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients’ Association at the Annual Social Welfare Function 2019 for the project Kindred Kidneys is another special recognition received by the club evidencing its dedicated service to the community. The numerous recognitions which have been claimed by the club is solely a roar out of the true sense of dedication of the passionate members of the club. 

Over the years the club has expanded its horizons while marking its presence through its service within numerous communities. Stepping on to the 9th year of service in the year 2021-22, under the leadership of Rtr. Kavinda Senarathne the club is now thriving with the vision of embracing positive changes to open up more opportunities to make an impact on the lives of the people we serve by going by the theme “Empowering Change to Enrich Lives”.